Honestly, I’ve tried the whole journal thing before. It didn’t last. I tried to do it manually… created my own webpage style and was manually uploading new entries to a server I have access to. It was a pain in the ass, and it made me lazy and about maybe a month of daily updates I got sick of all the hassle.

There were a few reasons why I stopped writing in my previous attempted journal. I felt like as if I was giving only part of my “life” story. I mean let’s admit it. You can’t always convey your true feelings and thoughts about particular people, and you can’t go around saying so and so is an asshole or a bitch. Let’s face it, the internet’s an open book to the world. I’m going to let my friends read this journal. It needs to be safe. In all honesty however I like just about everyone. Don’t make the above think I’m out to get you.. ok maybe I am. *evil laugh*.

Another drawback of my first journal I once had was that I geared my audience and my stories I told only to my “real” life here at home. But this time around I’m going to open up my head to other areas of my life and share this journal with people you might not even know about. The two parts of my life are based here at home where I live and the other life is based on the internet. During my early teen years the internet was strictly for fun. I made friends in chatrooms, but it wasn’t real. But as I’m about to turn 20 these two worlds.. internet and home.. are almost coming together. I’ve gone places and will actually be meeting people in my “internet” life probably by next year at the latest.

First I’ll give you a quick run down of my life here at home in case you don’t know me. My name as you can tell by now is Scott. I’m 19 years old with only three more months of being a teenager. It’s hard to believe. Almost all of the greatest memories (and some bad) are from my teen years from High School. I graduated from Bloom Carroll in 2002. They say high school is the best 4 years of your life sometimes, and though I have a lot of great memories.. Chamber Singers, Band, musicals, proms, trips, etc. being out of school for almost a year it’s amazing how much more I am happy now compared to then. I’ve finally become my own person and for the MOST part am not distracted by stupid things in high school that now seem so unimportant and pointless. I’ve been attending DeVry University in Columbus since the summer and I’m currently in my 3rd semester after changing my major from CIS to BIS (Business Information Systems). No, I don’t like school, but I like to learn and now that I’ve got myself in the right major I find myself a lot less stressed and seeing that I can actually handle college and do well at the same time. Yeah I have a job, something that myself and a bunch of other buddies from my high school days can’t get away from which is Wendy’s. People tease me, but a lot of the people that do tease me don’t have a job or make as munch as I do. I make 6.95 which actually for me is barely enough to afford my life so I’m been scouting out a few different places that aren’t fast food and pay a lot more including possibly my education. As for when I’m not at school or work, I socialize. It’s about all you can do here. I have a good set of friends, not the largest, but enough to keep me busy. I’m happy for all of my friends and thank God for them everyday. If you are curious, yes I’m living the life of a single man. Back in my day I’ll admit that I’ve liked a lot of people, some very serious, others off and on. Never just been steady with anybody, I’m hoping I can get a girlfriend somewhere down the road, like my some of my closest friends, but I’m just as happy as is for the mean time. I’m glad to say I have female friends I can just hang out with and just be close with right now. With dating aside I’m grateful to all of my friends and the people I hang out with, even when they piss me off 😉 . As for my family life – I live with my parents while my sister Carrie who I care about so much lives in Ft. Bragg with her Husband Cpt. Eric Van Den Bosch and their 3 kids Cole, Chloe, and Jared.

There is another part of my life the people here at home no little about. I actually have a whole world of people I consider close friends on the internet who I’ve never even met. My cliche in life is the computer and I’ve been surfing the internet since my pre-teen years. During the adolescent years of my life (hehe)…. I was a big video game player with one particular favorite game being the Mortal Kombat series which first rocked the world with it’s incredible violence and head-ripping “Fatalities” in 1992. During my first fascination of the internet and making webpages I made my first few sites primarily on the subject of “MK”. People might laugh at me, but Mortal Kombat has changed my life and has made it very interesting. When I was a freshman in High School I started work on a Mortal Kombat Fan Site with a friend I met online, Joseph Schorr, who lives in Philly. Four and a half years later the website we created is viewed by thousands of Mortal Kombat fans each day and is coming close to 3 million visitors. It’s become so huge we have the site running on it’s own server by itself now. The website has been mentioned in various gaming magazines and publications and I talk regularly with interesting people from the gaming industry as well as the makers and creators of Mortal Kombat. I get free games sent to me, praises, and the like. If you want to check it out, head on over to MK5.ORG. We consider ourselves the voice of the Mortal Kombat Community and quote ” providing the most accurate and reliable information available on the Mortal Kombat media and games”. This website has taken me to New York City in 2002 and I will be making a trip to LA to the E3 Expo Convention in May 2004 if all goes as planned to meet my staff.

The reason I bring this site up is because I have several online friends I have gone to know very well thanks to the site and I will be sharing this journal with them as well. As I update my journal throughout the months I will be not only discussing life here at home, but also abroad so my internet friends don’t get bored. 🙂 To some, at MK5.org, I’m a little celebrity. hehe

This entry is just here so you can hopefully learn something you might not have known about me. I’m hoping I can get my net and home friends to read this often and participate by leaving comments here and there. I’m gonna be getting off to bed as tomorrow marks a new day starting with work. I have class off on Mondays.. Until next time thanks for reading!