Third Post!

Another day. Woke up at 12 PM, that’s always fun. Even though I only get 4 days for this little Thanksgiving break I’m going to enjoy it as much as possible. Didn’t do much until later in the evening. I saw 8 crazy nights with alisha. Even though it got a D+ on Yahoo Movies, I thought it was pretty funny. Much better than that piece of ^^$&# movie They , that I saw last night. Headed on to the bowling alley afterwards, gotta meet some kewl friends I rarely see from high school. It was nice to see everyone. Had a pretty good time tonight 🙂 Oh.. yeah after bowling I headed up by myself to Joe’s house. They were going to be drinking “substances” but I’m a good guy and I just went home and I’m writing this because I drove to Joe’s and I wasn’t really allowed to spend the night anyway.
Good for me. Good Scott. Good. Ok so I took one home w/ me. Sue me. 🙂 I guess it’s now Saturday, this means I need to eventually start my homework.. I have a big test coming up. Also someone asked me to call them, and it doesn’t surprise me and its rather typical of the person since we don’t see each other often. Anyway, my sister is coming back AGAIN tomorrow night with the kids for their final visit until Christmas. Can’t wait. As for this thing I call a website, I’ll add a few things to it before I go back to school on Monday! We’ll I’m off to bed, tomorrow I’m visiting Andrew and like I was going on earlier,  I’ll get to meet his girlfriend Amy. Lata’.

Always remember – “It’s a technical foul”.