Second Post!

Thanksgiving is finally over. I’ve stuffed my mouth with as much food as humanly possible. It was a good day though, all the family was over, including Uncle Bill, Aunt Debbie, Kris and her kids, and my other cousin Alyssa who’s birthday was today. Carrie, Eric, and the kids are already gone to visit more grandparents, but they’ll be back Saturday, at least we got the cat. Febie, or however it’s spelled is such a great cat. It’s sad that I’m allergic to them.. But she isn’t bothering me so maybe I’ll get a cat someday. After everyone was gone I saw another gay horror flick called They. Hopefully tomorrow when I see another movie it will be better than this piece of crap of what they call a film. Tomorow should be another good day. Yay. Like I said, these were going to be shorter.. Have a good one.