First Post!

Inspired by my friend Steve’s website, who goes to school with me at DeVry.. I’ve started my own online journal.  I hope he’s not mad at me 🙂 Eventually I’ll add stuff to the site.  To start off with my first posting let me just say I’m nineteen, a freshman in college in my second trimester. I get out in 3 years; I’ve been in school since last summer. A lot has changed since the day I’ve graduated. I have a lot of new friends and most of my friends from high school I’ve rarely kept in touch with. But I still hang out with Josh, Nic, Bobby, Mike, and Lish most of the time since we all are stuck at home instead of living the traditional dorm life of college students. My best friend Andrew, we don’t see each other that much, he’s at OSU now, but we regularly keep in touch. My mom left a post it note on my computer, I guess he called. He’s probably home for Thanksgiving. I think Amy is with him- or will be, so I’ll finally get to meet her! I can’t wait. That’s his girlfriend btw.. I always knew andrew would beat me as far as dating goes, but hopefully I won’t be too far behind :-). It’s been a busy last week, myself and nic just got back from a spontaneous trip to New York City! I was supposed to attend a press event for this Mortal Kombat game that came out since I run apparently the most popular mk site on the internet. However, I was told the wrong date and ended up going to NYC a day after it happened. It was great though anyways. Me and Nic had a great time visiting Abby, one of our old friends from high school who graduated a year before we did. Besides the fact we thought we were going to get arrested by undercover NYPD, the trip went well. But that’s another story, you’ll have to ask me. I’m still surprised how easy it was and the fact that I bought alcohol for the first time in my life. I wasn’t totally smashed or anything, but me and nic did somehow end up passing out in abby’s kitchen.. Amy, her roomate, probably thought we were nuts. I don’t drink that much – I never drank in high school actually. I don’t make it a habit since hangovers are a bitch, and I usually never drink that much anyway because they suck. Esp. when you have to work the next morning at say 11.. Besides all that, this was my second trip to the big apple, and I got to see ground zero for the second time, this time all cleaned up. It was still a moving experience none the less.

Moving on though.. I’m actually a good kid, I tend to keep out of trouble. I have a sister, who I love to death, a non-existent trend you see in some brother-sister relationships. I fight off and on with my mom, but we get along ok most of the time because we can’t seem to stay mad at each other, and dad, well He’s just dad. A great person I always look up to. My whole family is here for thanksgiving.. That would be my sister Carrie, brother in law Eric, my two nephews Cole and Jared, and my niece Chloe. Thanksgiving dinner is at our house this year, so stop by ;-).  Not sure what’s going on this week, the guys are seeing a movie tonight, I didn’t go because I had to work later then the rest of them and I’ve had a hard week at school and thought I’d rest. Friday I’ll probably find Andrew and then later that night I’m seeing a movie with my good friend alisha who I keep calling lish dish lately.. Inside joke :). Saturday I’ll sleep in, study for my CIS 211 class exam on monday, and that night I’ll be at a party at eric floods. Sunday morning I work, then I’ll spend a few hours getting my ass beat in MK: Deadly Alliance. Well this includes my first posting.. Catch back soon for more of me and probably more condensed!