Twinkle, Twinkle Little Fuss. How I Wonder Why you Pout?

Jackson is a bit fussy today. I usually wake him up at three, but I’m going to let him sleep a little longer and see what happens. During “learning time” today I was showing him a few YouTube videos I found like the numbers song and the alphabet. Well, one of the suggested videos was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. We used to to sing that to Jackson at the orphanage to calm him down at the end of our visits. Well as he was watching the video he started crying at the end. Usually I can tell what he’s whining about, but I wasn’t really sure. So I let him get off the couch with me and just sat back and watched what he would do, but he just sort of walked around in circles and continued to cry. He finally calmed down so I showed him the numbers video again and he was fine. So after that as a test I started playing Twinkle Little Star again. Instant tears!

So I let him climb off the couch again and I followed him as he walked away. He walked straight to his play pen that we had set up and he was trying to get in, all the while crying. I guess he associates Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with bed time and wasn’t too happy about it!

The whining continued though a little later at lunch. I’m not very creative for meals. Luckily Lindsey was kind enough to buy some food she fed him when I was back at work for my last two weeks. I sat his food out in front of him and he just kept pushing it away. Which I like to call as Jackson “politely declining”. But he’s really stubborn about what he wants to eat for his meal and since he can’t really communicate what he wants you just kind of have to sit there and try to get him to eat. After him balling his eyes out and me telling him he had to eat, he finally gave in, and then did real well!

But yeah, he must have been tired as he’s completely knocked out in his bed room. We finally, for the most part, have eliminated his pack n play. When he wakes up in the morning he usually walks straight in our room now to let us know he’s ready for the day. Which of coarse is always way too early for me, but Lindsey has usually been up.

I’m getting a little more comfortable in this role. I know things are kind of boring to report at this point, but I’m sure there will be much to report in the months ahead as it sets in that I’m actually doing this for more than just a week. I have got to get out of the house though. I’m excited for the trip out tomorrow! I’m trying to research things that we can do outside of the house. Does anybody know any Libraries that have reading time or something for two year olds? I need ideas, I have no clue what to do that’s fun!

Overall though it’s been a nice four days. Jackson is really great at following directions! He seems to understand the majority of my directions. He’s surprises me daily with words he seems to understand.

Well the little guy just woke up finally, so I think I’m going to turn on Sesame Street and relax with him for a bit. See you tomorrow.