Jackson Turns Three!

Today I woke up as a father to a three year old. How does that happen? Lindsey & I haven’t even been married for three years yet. Although we are holding on to most of the festivities until Saturday for his Big “Blue’s Clue’s Happy Birthday Extraordinaire” Party with all of his family, we will be making a special trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s tonight. I had no clue there was one around here until Lindsey set the evening up, and I certainly haven’t been there since I was a kid. But, we should have fun 🙂

We’re kind of having a normal day today as I’m kind of under the weather this week. Not sure what’s wrong, but I’ve had a sore throat since Sunday and it’s made my energy a bit down lately. Hopefully this will be out of my system by Saturday. Regardless, I just wanted to make this quick post today, because today is special for us, as Jackson has never really received any special attention before on his birthday that we are aware of. So it has been exciting to teach him the tradition this summer with my birthday earlier in the month, as well as his 4 year old cousin Reagan’s birthday before that. I think he kind of understands this is a special day and if you ask him about it he will smile and sing “Happy Birthday, Me!” from time to time 🙂

Also, if you haven’t noticed I cut the rope with Facebook and I am exclusively on Google+ at the moment. Some of you may have wondered where I’ve went, while others may not have even realized I had left. But, I want to make it clear that I didn’t drop Facebook because of Google+. I decided to drop Facebook because of some peer pressure, and because I waste too much time on there as it is and there are some other areas in my life I want to try to focus more on. So for now, that leaves me on Google+, which I believe is a better social network. Right now it’s not as busy as Facebook, but is definitely growing and a much more appropriate avenue for sharing more privately with certain friends than Facebook allows.

If you are missing me on Facebook, rest assured I’m still around. I’m going to commit to blogging more on a daily basis again with shorter posts to make it up until more people transition over to Google+. I would have blogged more this week, but like I said I’ve been kind of under the weather. Also, even if you are not yet a member of Google+ you might get email updates from me when I update my blog. I’m sending these out only to some close friends and family that I don’t think would be bothered. These emails will actually contain a link to my blog, but also a way to join in on the conversation at Google+, if you do decide to join. If you didn’t get an email for this post & would like to be added to the blog list please let me know. Also, if you get an email and you don’t want to get them from many any more, there should be an unsubscribe link as well in the email. (Or just let me know, and I can take you off manually)

That’s all I’ve got from me. Hope everyone is doing well!

3 responses to “Jackson Turns Three!”

  1. The McEacherns Avatar

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Jackson!

  2. Mom Avatar

    Grandma and PapPap are getting ready to come see you and have fun at your Birthday Party today and give you lots of HUGS and KISSES … see you soon ….. we love you …..

  3. Eve Avatar

    You’ve got to be kidding me—it’s so tarsnparently clear now!