Just living life as a Hoosier

Well, I’m still here. There hasn’t been too much to write about as we have kind of just been waiting around waiting for things to pick up. We are possibly close to committing to a church and joining a life group here. I think the biggest thing that we are lacking here in Indy is friends, save for Lindsey’s sister and her family which we are very thankful to have around for company!

We truly miss everyone so much and learning a great deal of patience and respect for God’s will to be revealed to us. It’s safe to say we are happy here though. I know I really let the ball drop with updates on Jackson, but I can assure you he is doing well and growing. We are excited that next month that his 3rd birthday is approaching. Never before in his life has his birthday probably been recognized or celebrated, so we are excited to introduce him to it. The little guy is talking more and more and is definitely going through a growth spurt.

As for me, I’m not the perfect stay at home dad, but I’m getting better. It’s something I’m really starting to embrace and enjoy as I realize that this is my life now. I’m trying real hard to become domesticated and I also cook all of our meals now. As summer hits I’ll start getting some new pictures on here to keep you all updated. I miss blogging and will try to start again with some more posts about our walk with Christ, as has become the main point of this blog now. It’s been hard not having a bible study to go to weekly. We dropped from two to zero when we made the move to Indianapolis, but I have been consistent on reading the Word daily and it has encouraged me greatly throughout each day. I’m about 94 days into a yearly bible reading plan and it feels good!

Also, I wanted to give a quick shout out to our friends The Layne’s. They are adopting two kids from Ukraine this year and have various ways you can help them out with their adoption journey. They have already adopted two beautiful children internationally, and it’s great to see a couple like them devoted to adoption. You can check their blog out here for ways to participate, (one of the opportunities for a chance to win an iPad 2!)

Also congratulations to the McEacherns, who recently adopted their second daughter from Ukraine this past month!

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  1. The McEacherns Avatar

    Hey, thanks! Glad to hear you think you’ve found the right church… so important and yet so challenging to do!