You know I’ve never felt like this before..

I survived another day. Although there is still a couple of hours left before Lindsey comes home, so anything is possible. Today was a little rougher than yesterday. Jackson is a little cranky today. He didn’t sleep that good last night. He kept waking up coughing from his cold so we put him back in the room last night in his play pen and turned on the humidifier and that seemed to help. I followed the same rigorous schedule from yesterday, but tried a few new flash cards. He surprised me by knowing that a car was a car, and that a cat was a “kitty cat”. Way to go! So all in all kind of the same day as yesterday. Eventually I want to work out a schedule of my own throughout the week so that things are different a little bit. Plus, I have a feeling I’m going to get bored after awhile. Eventually though we will have errands to run, and that will make some days different. I can’t wait until its warm out and we can play outside, that will be lots of fun.

I slacked off on it today, but I need to start looking at all of the Post Adoption materials this week and finish something for Amy Hesterman for SnoCamp. (I’ll have it by Friday!) As for the post adoption we just got his certificate of citizenship which we will need to get his social security card and start the process of “re-adopting” him here in the states.

Of last interest today, I decided to spice up our “physical time” this morning with some Just Dance for Wii. Jackson and I rocked out to such hits as S.O.S., Tic Toc, & Toxic. That wore me out, haha. Here’s a picture:


See you here tomorrow. Go Buckeyes!