Home and Thankful.

What a journey it has been! This short post will be dedicated to my sister, who I promised I would get around to posting today. I’m going to try to force myself to start blogging regularly at some point. It’s been a hectic last week and a half, but we made it home safely and are finally adjusting to life with a toddler! The plane ride home went very smoothly. Jackson took several naps and ended up sleeping off most of his jet lag the first night home. Lindsey and I were adjusted after a few days. The first day home we were up for about a total of 30 hours straight!

A big thanks to my parents and also Lindsey’s family who made the trip down to help out during the first few days! I don’t know how we would have done it without everyone’s help! Although, with the holidays we are still slowly adjusting to a normal schedule, but we’re working on it. Overall Jackson has been doing great. Someday we do plan on having our own  biological children, but my goodness, adoption is the way to go! Jackson sleeps through the night, is potty trained, and feeds himself. It’s great! Developmentally he is still behind a bit, but he has already learned so many words just in the last week and a half. Some words he can say are Please, More, Sorry, All Done, Banana, Apple, Dog, and Fish. He will also repeat a lot of words he hears us saying. Yesterday, Jackson turned 28 months old and we’re so proud of how he is doing. We are working to get scheduled an appointment with the adoption clinic at Children’s Hospital for an overall assessment of his health. Hopefully he’s on track a much as he can be, considering his circumstances. Overall, we are very happy to have Jackson home with us. He is a great addition to the Howell Family! We had a great Thanksgiving and we are looking forward to all of the holidays ahead of us!

Last, I can’t help but thank everyone again who has followed our journey and been supportive of it. Words can not show how grateful we are for all of you. Happy Holidays!


5 responses to “Home and Thankful.”

  1. em Avatar

    🙂 glad he’s adjusting well! can’t wait to meet him and see you guys!!! ill get ahold of ya’ll once we’re all healthy again!!!!!!!!!!! stupid bugs… love – em

  2. Carrie Ann Avatar

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Hee hee! I can’t wait to see you guys.

    Love you!

  3. Valerie Kirkland Avatar

    He is so beautiful!! We are so happy for you guys and the coolest kid who no longer has a mullet!!

  4. Grandma H Avatar
    Grandma H

    Am I seeing SPOTS on here, or is it SNOWING ?????? Love you, Grandma H

  5. Andrew Avatar

    Glad you guys made it home safely! We can’t wait to meet Jackson and hear about your adventure!