Court tomorrow!

We have recently found out that we will have court tomorrow (Friday) at 3:00 pm.  Please think about us tomorrow morning as you are starting your day.  That’s 8:00 am Ohio and Florida time and 7:00 am NW Indiana time and 5:00 am Seattle time 🙂

Scott and I are a little bit nervous for court, just because we don’t know what to expect.  We’ve read lots of blogs and most of them make it seem like a routine process.  We just hope that we don’t say anything that sounds silly or do anything wrong!  Tatyana is our lawyer and will be interpreting for us.

Today’s visit with Jackson was comparable to a trip to the zoo!  Haha!  There happened to be 6 kids and parents in the room that we usually have to ourselves.  Jackson gets very interested in what the other kids are doing or eating, and doesn’t pay attention to the mountain of toys that we brought him or the baby food, banana, or crackers that we were feeding him.

To top matters off, today was the day that the orphanage director picked to come observe how Jackson is bonding with Scott and I as parents.  It was a disaster!  Haha!  He took a nose dive right at her feet in which every parent and nurse in the room gasped.  Also, I’ll never forget when I was walking back from cleaning up the baby food mess from Jackson, Scott, myself, the painter bear shirt, and the chair… I look up to see his little chair in a sideways mid tip and it looked like slow motion of him falling over sideways.  Of course, the orphanage director was there to witness that disaster as well.  Oh what a day… 🙂

Hopefully court goes smoothly tomorrow!