Dossier due September 16, 2010. Travel Date likely in October!

Today Lindsey and I received exciting news from our case manager at CWA. We are now officially pre-registered to adopt our child in the Ukraine! We received confirmation today from Ukraine that our new registration date at the SDAPRC is September 16, 2010! At this time our dossier will be due in Ukraine. Once it is submitted, our travel date to Ukraine to meet our child should come as quick as 3-5 weeks thereafter, as we have been told. This means we will likely be traveling to Ukraine in October!

This is very exciting for two reasons. First, we finally have a definite date from Ukraine of when all of the paperwork is due; there is no more guessing. We will travel to Ukraine shortly after that. Second, it’s very likely we will be in Ukraine during our two year wedding anniversary! (October 18th) What a wonderful way to spend such an occasion! Looking back on this entire experience we really were hoping that we would travel in the summer, but we will just have to be a bit more patient. Given that we officially started this process last August, we’re a bit over the year timeline, but God has a child picked out for us this Fall and the countdown can begin!

Even though our date falls in September, our dossier is actually due at our agency two months prior on July 16th, 2010 – My 27th birthday! This gives CWA 60 days to translate and prep all of our documents before sending them over to the Ukraine.

On a side note, a week or so ago I added to the side panel of this site, a link and instructions on how you can help us financially during this time. The good news is, we have a little more time to save than we anticipated, but we still have a long way to go. Our agency fees are paid, however we still have the large international fee to Ukraine which is approximately $14,000, a “relief donation” to Ukraine of $1,000, suggested $9,000 cash to have on hand for living expenses in Ukraine, and approximately $3,500 for travel expenses for our international flights. This is a lot of money, but we have full faith God will help us save every penny. To all of those who have already donated to this cause, we thank you!

If you feel led to be a part of our adoption financially, please click here.

Under Specify Donation, select General Fund: Adoption as the project type. Under Choose Person, select CWA Family and enter the following:

Scott and Lindsey Howell
2130 Water Crest Lane
Columbus, OH 43209

Your gift to us would be greatly appreciated! (and also tax-deductible through the link above). As a heads up, we are also planning on having a few fundraising events over the coarse of the spring and summer. Details on how you can help sponsor Lindsey during an upcoming half-marathon will be announced shortly.

If you can’t offer to help financially, please know there is also other ways you can be a part of this adoption! We consider this adoption a ministry, and we are always in desperate need of continued prayers that this journey continues as smoothly as it has.

2 responses to “Dossier due September 16, 2010. Travel Date likely in October!”

  1. Valerie Kirkland Avatar

    We are adopting from Ukraine and our agency is CWA too. We should be going right after you in November 2010!!! Our final dossier is Due Oct 14,2010!! We are hoping to get 2 children. Right now God has provided enough for 1 but we are still praying for 2. I am so excited for your family, It would be great if we could stay in touch. We may actually be there at the end of your trip!! Well we will be praying for your adoption!!
    Valerie Kirkland

  2. Scott Avatar

    Hi, Valerie!

    I was very excited to come home and see this comment from you today! That is awesome that you are trying to get two children!! 🙂 We will be new parents this go-around.

    I just briefly read your last couple of posts on your blog. It is so encouraging to hear from another CWA family just a month in the process from where we are! Can I assume that your caseworker is Ludmilla? You mentioned on your blog that she said that the last four family’s traveled within 4 weeks of the dossier date so that is encouraging as well! (We’ve heard similar from her too, but it was awhile ago). We got a little nervous when we saw on CWA’s website that they are no longer accepting applications for Ukraine, but my best guess is that it’s likely because they are just trying to get more people into the Russian program.

    As well, it’s great that we both did pre-registration. We’ve found few blogs that were in that same type of process. Let’s definitely keep in touch, and share details if any news comes up! That would be great if we somehow did run into each other! Best of luck, and we will keep your family in our prayers 🙂

    -Scott (& Lindsey)