Scratch that, I’m staying in Ohio?

I’ve been kicked out of my house for about a week now, and up until today the plan has been that the weekend after this I would move to Augusta, Georgia with my sister and brother-n-law. I’m still somewhat convinced that maybe I need to do something as drastic as move to another state and start fresh, but my friends want me here and here I think I will stay. Now, this is all up in the air and is obviously changing day to day, so we’ll just see what happens. As for the moment it looks like I will be staying here in Ohio and getting an apartment sometime in the next couple of weeks here in Abbie Trails. This is the same apartment complex that I’m staying at right now at Nic and Emily Fisher’s place while they are on their honeymoon. This was mostly Bobby’s doing, but he says he doesn’t want to see me leave, so he’s going to get an apartment here and I’m going to try to pay half the rent on my Wendy’s pay. To do this requires a couple of things. One, I’d have to not quit Wendy’s at the end of this month, as I put in my two weeks. Now this doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to try everything on my days off coming up to find a job that is not at Wendy’s, but until that time.. I have to keep the money coming in. To move to this apartment also means that I will need to defer my student loan for a year. The extra $180 something a month on that will be my saving grace for getting out of my parent’s house for good. Speaking of my parents, I fought with my mom a little last night on the phone, but somehow got myself in a position where she actually invited me back for dinner tonight. We almost fought again, but I bit my tongue and we made it through dinner. I told my mom and dad of my plans however and they do seem to support the idea. I’ll keep you posted.

As for what little social life I’ve had with all of this chaos, I’ve had some great times with friends from the young adult group. On Sunday night I went out with my friend Jared, my newer friend Melissa who’s now in India for a mission trip, and a new person I met/friend Jessica to see Over the Hedge. I ran into the three of them while I was working front register that day and Melissa was nice enough to invite me along. Melissa is really cool, as is her friend Jessica. I know too many Jessica’s and I don’t remember her last name which is annoying.

Tonight was bible study again and it was alright, but really hot. The best activities were afterwords as a bunch of us went to Kingy’s and hung out. After eating at Kingy’s myself, Rachel M., David Rotch, Nate Saum, Chris Snyder, and Mike (Yoder?) hung out in the parking lot and just chilled and had some pretty hilarious conversations and also some very deep intellectual discussions. Heh, I’ll spare you the details, but it was quite an evening! After that Rachel dropped me back off at the coffee shop where my car was and I headed back to Nic’s apartment where I’m at now. I’m about to go to sleep. I have a 10 hour shift tomorrow. Not going to be fun.

I’m doing ok here. Thanks for the prayers.