Just a Typical Monday..

Today was nothing of the unusual. I worked.. I delivered a spoon to my District Manager.. and that’s about it. I also applied for some new jobs. That’s all I’ve pretty much been doing lately. Applying for new jobs online and such. D’Arque Bishop informed me today that we’ll be getting a second server for Mortal Kombat Online to house the MySQL database. So we’re going to be having some serious downtime over the weekend to get that implemented. Amazing that MKO has gone from being shared on a server with plenty of sites, to its own dedicated server, and now we’ll actually have two servers running the site. All for less apparently as it seems that HostRocket was overpaying us, and is going to cut us a deal. Tomorrow starts my next workout session Bobby laid out for me. He’s my own personal trainer. I pay him with Sprite and the occasional chocolate chip cookie. I haven’t debated if I’m going to wake up before work and do them, or wait till after. Probably after work. We’ll see. I’m a little sore today, not as much as I thought. Oh.. and Bishop.. I’ll get you your interview questions tomorrow, promise 🙂

With that.. Good Night.