Never Forget

Usually I don’t get wrapped up in emotion about things, but as today marks the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our nation I at least always take the time on this day to reflect back on all of the people who died and the heroes from that day and say a prayer. There’s a lot going on in the world today, as we’re ultimately also suffering from the lost of the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. With all that going on, not really anybody I talked to today brought up the fact that it was September 11th, but that is to be expected as the years pass by. But I do need to stress that we never forget. I was watching Alias on DVD tonight, but stopped when my dad told me about a new movie documentary that was on Discovery Channel about the attacks, with a main focus on United Airlines Flight 93. It pretty much recreated what probably happened, and it was the first time I saw any sort of documentary with people acting out the terrible events on screen. It was almost hard to watch. I really didn’t even think about 9/11 for most of the day, but the movie really hit hard and made me remember we need to continue to stand up against terrorism as well as support our troops in Iraq. What we are doing over there is right; no one will convince me otherwise, and because of the bravery of so many soldiers, we’ve probably already prevented future attacks on this country. If you feel like it, I’d invite you to look at a post I made on here two years ago on the 2nd anniversary of the attacks by clicking here. I have no need to write my experience of that day again, so if you’re curious just check it out there. But really, please never forget.

Anyway, I figured I needed to get a post in here. I don’t like posting on a much daily basis anymore as there is not much going on. I’m still unemployed other than my part time job at Wendy’s. However, I had an interview  about a couple of weeks ago with a company in Worthington for a Marketing Analysis Coordinator. It was my first interview. I’m praying that I get a call back this week for a second interview. I don’t know what else to do. I need a job and I’m really hoping I get it. Until I get a job I feel as if my life has frozen since graduation. I have nothing to do and it kind of sucks. I’m overly anxious to move on with my life, move out, and just explore what’s out there in the world. MKO has been great in some aspects, I get to travel a lot, but I do that for free and I can’t live off that. So if any of you want to offer me a prayer sometime, by all means do! 🙂 I’m ready to move on with my life! Let’s get it going!

Honestly, that’s it. I cleaned my room yesterday and moved everything around. It was a complete disaster so I’m kind of glad I finally got around to picking it up. 

Till next time..