A Very Long, Good Day.

Today was rather well. I managed to get this Sunday off from work and I went with my parents up north to Galion where we celebrated my great Aunt Faye’s 90th Birthday. She’s in great condition! She even drives still -Well to the gas station and back and a few other places close to home. The event was at her house which is right next to Gary and Dian’s. I briefly got to say hello to my favorite second cousins in the whole world.. Holly & Jessica, who are Gary’s daughters. Holly is out of school too, and is engaged and will be getting married in March. It’s amazing how we’re all growing up. Speaking of growing up, there was this one girl there… Second/third cousin maybe.. anyway.. Shelbie. It was really funny, she’s in eigth grade now and I didn’t even recognize her. She was this little girl I remember back in the day who I would run into at all these weddings over the years, who had a crush on me and would always ask to dance. It was so cute. It was so weird that she’s like all grown up now. Even though I’m 22, herself, her brother, and my cousin Larrisa’s boy Kyle, insisted that I play kick ball with them. I always try to be the old adult now at these reunions, but it never fails where I have to play with the kids. But.. heh.. It was still fun.

Tonight was fun as well! I had kind of another reunion with all of my high school friends including Eric and Stephanie who I haven’t seen since my graduation party last June. We hung out at Dairy Queen for a little, then headed back to Nic’s basement and did what was always the best form of entertaiment- just joking and having a great time together. It’s so much fun when we are all able to get together and just hang out like old friends again. And that’s really all there is for tonight folks. God Bless.