A Monday summer evening..

Tonight turned out rather enjoyable. I caught up with Bobby tonight at around 7:30 and we took our usual drive to Harvest Moon to see what was going on. Mike Snider was working the shift, and as always I felt like if I was going to hang around for awhile, I was obligated to buy something. But I was thirsty, so I had Mike make me up a chocolate frescante. And it was good. After we started to get a little bored, luck may have it that David showed up who sings, plays guitar, etc, and we got to catch up with him some. We talked about making patents for all kinds of exciting inventions. I would never dare dwell that information here, as I have an idea I just might put a patent on myself :-P. You’ll know what it is, when I’m a millionaire in 5 years. After Dave left, we waited for Nic and Emily to drop by. Nic called me and said that they were home from Zanesville and that he wanted to drop by Shades. So we did that, and it was a nice time. We just got some food, cheese fries, and drinks and catched up on things. It’s good to have Nic and Bobby back home. Nic starts back at Wendy’s this week, but I don’t think I work any of his days. I’ll check that out tomorrow as I need to decide if I need any days off, one being next Sunday. I’d like if possible to get that off so I can head to the new Newlife church that opened up recently. Anyway, after shades Nic and Emily parted ways with us and myself and Bobby took a walk around the small town of Canal. I’m still not sure why we did it, but it was interesting. We found that there are a lot of attorneys in Canal Winchester. Maybe that’s a good thing? Who knows.

That wraps up this evening pretty well. I think me and Bobby are going to hang out tomorrow afternoon so I’ll be headed to bed soon so I can get myself up when morning comes.