Life After Education

A month or so has passed and I have finished up college. It really is completely over. I haven’t had this much time off since I completed High School. It’s really weird to be out. I guess you can say I’m somewhat enjoying my summer vacation. But I’m  starting to realize that this vacation is starting to become an eternity. At least until that high paying job you’re supposed to get after you get a degree right? Where’s mine at. While at Bobby’s the other night, (who’s home now after staying in Boston with Nic over the last two months), I was reading as I do sometimes the archive of this journal to see how things have changed in the past few weeks and years. I ran across a post where I was so excited to say that in a few months or so I would be out in the real world, with a real job, finally out of the confides of Wendy’s. Obviously that is not the case, and it is somewhat depressing. If you were to look back on my posts you will find many times where I mentioned how I wanted to leave that place, or would be soon. Well reality has hit, I will not be there forever, but my last day seems like it will never come. With the store under new management, and in my dire need of health insurance I’ll have no choice but to quit eventually. The day will come. Hopefully I will get a real job soon so I won’t even have to think about a part time solution.

Some things have kept me busy since I graduated. Mostly working, but I also just got back from Kings Island earlier in the week with Bobby, his sister Susan, and her boyfriend Aaron. It was the first trip I made this summer and it was just a great way to forget about all the worries in the world for a few days. I’ve got a busy schedule ahead of me, that’s for sure. I’m flying back to Chicago mid August for another trip site-related, and also somewhere in there I’ll be getting to see my sister and my new nephew Jacob.

Today.. well today was another case of work. I also got asked something quite exciting.. more on that soon. I spent another evening with Bobby as we caught up with Nate and his new girlfriend Jessica who’s from New Life. It was a decent time. Earlier in the week I also caught Peace Lutheran’s video they were showing on Creation vs. Evolution. Like Stephanie said tonight when she was visiting at Bobby’s with Ryan, I’ve got dinosaurs on the brain every minute.

If you actually found this entry, consider heading over to MySpace and check out my profile. Eventually I’ll update my website, but for the time being if you want to see fresh pics of me you’ll need to head over that way.

Hopefully I’m back to updating this journal again. Only time will tell. Good Night.

Ah.. btw.. I’m 22 now.