Spring 2005 Term Begins.. 15 weeks till Graduation

I started this journal around my second semester in college when I was still a freshman, so that the fact that I’ve been able to document the past three years somewhat on a regular basis is pretty cool. Looking back at old entries, I see how a lot has changed over time and how I’ve also grown up. It’s hard to believe that this morning began the final term at DeVry. I understand that I’ve gone year round, and it’s half the reason why I’m graduating earlier than some of my friends, but still it will be 3 years when I graduate and at least to me that’s an incredibly long time. As I told my sister yesterday I’m excited, scared, and anxious all at the same time as I begin this last semester. When this is over, I’m finally onto the real part of my life. I’m not 100% sure where I’ll be at that point, but just the thought of it is amazing.

The day started at 10. I got most of my supplies for classes the previous day at Office Max with Bobby, so I was ready to go when I woke up this morning. I arrived just about on time for my first class of the term, which is Literature. What’s exciting at least for me about this class is that I have Prof. Cindy Keller again, who I had about two years ago in Public Speaking and Advanced Composition. I loved her style of teaching, and I managed to pull A’s in both of her classes. She seemed excited to have me back in class, so I’m looking forward to at least one fun class. It’s going to be a lot of reading, something that I don’t do often anymore, which is ironic as I love to write, so you would think I would read more often. We’ve been told to get a copy of  Fahrenheit 451 to read, so I found a cheap copy on Amazon for just a little over a buck. It’s going to be a lot of reading in this class, and we have to attend a musical, but I think it will be an easy A.

Skipping over Senior Project as I’ll save that for last, another one of my classes I had today was Business Policy. Sadly, this class will be a joke. I’m not even sure what the scope of this course is supposed to be, as it seems to be re-hash of Management definitions that have already been pounded into us Business students time and time again. If we’re ready to be taking Senior Project, I personally think this class is a waste of our time and money, but we’ll see. The main reason it worries me is because the Professor is none other than Doc. Welsh. The old crazy man who I’ve had twice before for web development classes. He’s totally out there in space, he’s a terrible instructor, and you learn nothing good out of his lectures and labs. However, a plus is it’s pretty easy to pull an A or a B in his courses.

Another class I had, which is ultimately going to be another waste of time, is my Ethics class. I might have even enjoyed this coarse had Mark Keller been teaching it, however Prof. Carol Dietrich is enough to put you to sleep. Apparently we’re going to have all this busy work with collecting things for notebooks, and debates, which shouldn’t necessary be hard work, however with it being so unrelated to my major I can’t help but ask the question- Why? All of these classes above we are required to take or we are not graduating in June, so I really don’t have much of a choice in the matter I guess.

Last, back to Senior Project. I have dreaded this class since the moment Nancy Simpson interviewed me in 2002 for enrollment at DeVry. A plus however is that, at least I will be contributing my time towards something that is not only related to my field, it will provide me with very valuable skills and work experience. It’s just nerve racking however. This is going to be like no other project I’ve ever presented. We’re going to be given a project which we will have to work with an actual client, the client being an actual business, to implement a successful project plan and fully implement the said project. I’ll be in a team I think of about six other possible strangers from different majors, we’ll have to have various meetings in and outside of school, as well as with our clients, and we’ll have to keep a very demanding project schedule. It all ends at the end of the term when we present our project in front of the company and our professors, Stamos and White.  Wouldn’t sound so bad, but the idea that trusting team members to do the work as I know I will isn’t easy to come by if I end up with a group who I don’t know. I do realize the challenge ahead though, as this is how it will be in the “real world”, however I pray I will get team members in my group who share the same dedication as me to make this a successful project. We form teams I believe on Thursday, so it will be then when I will have an idea of where my fate is headed with this project. Our team has to create a team charter, which is a detailed list of rules that must be followed within the group. Basically three strikes, and you are out. I’m going to fill out a leadership questionnaire immediately, unless I end up with people who I happen to know, and who I have a good judgment that they would be able to obtain that role successfully. But deep down, even though it makes me nervous, I really want to be team leader. I can’t believe I say that sometimes, but I don’t want to make a fool of myself with this project and I get the feeling if I get in a bad group, I’m going to have to take charge. I do have qualifications that would set me apart as a great team leader. My website at Mortal Kombat Online proves without question I am able to successfully manage a team, and that I am capable of being team leader for this project.

One thing does worry me. During May 18-20th, I have been planning to attend once again the E3 Expo in Los Angeles. However we have practice presentations that very week, so I’m going to have to be clear with my team when I meet them on Thursday and convince them that they do not need to worry, and that I can fully contribute myself to this project even when I’m gone. I know E3 might just be playing un-released video games, but it’s also considered a recruiting event, and I want to get my resume out to the right people, and this is the place to do it. It’s very important for me that I can attend this event, so I’m praying my team will understand. However, if they don’t I will decide not to go. I hope it doesn’t come to that. To conclude this ramble about Senior Project, I was in a mix of all kind of old CIS people who I had classes with over two years ago before I switched majors. Some of them are even friends including people like Steve Mayes and Melissa Marinoff. I barely got to talk to Steve though other than a Hi, and I don’t think Melissa saw me today.

Well, sorry for the long update but today started a big part of my college career and I wanted to get that down. I’m taking it semi-easy right now. Spent a little time at Harvest Moon getting some coffee with Bobby, and then just watched some television when I got home. Thanks for reading.