An evening with Bobby Drodofsky..

To make up for yesterday, nothing much happened during the day. Work as usual, but then I went out with Nic and Bobby to see a movie. Before the movie I ended up buying another Xbox Controller S, so now nobody has to use that crappy huge controller they no longer sell. We then went to Steak & Shake, then met up with Ryan at the movies and saw “The Jacket”. We had heard it was a terrible movie, but it ended up being one of the better movies I’ve seen in awhile. I was fairly entertained.

As for tonight, I kept it simple. Drove over to Bobby’s and he drove the rest of the way to the coffee shop and we just hung out for a little bit and talked. Josh invited us to see a movie, but we didn’t feel like spending the money again. At the coffee shop there was a new, rather attractive girl working. She replaced Stephanie, Ryan’s pseudo-girlfriend, who was fired for unjust ridiculous reasons. Which sucks, because Stephanie was a very nice person and we’ll probably never see her again, or that much at least. The replacement girl like I said was very attractive and nice, so I of coarse began to conjure certain thoughts in my head of the possibility of getting to “know her”. However before even barely minutes had passed, I learned from Charles that she had a boyfriend. It goes to figure. Bobby and I came to the realization tonight that there are no single girls over the age of 18. There’s become a statewide shortage here in Ohio. I should have got one when they were hot and still on store shelves. 😛

Hmm what else.. after that we just drove around some and headed back to Bobby’s to finish the night. So rather simple. Nothing else of much importance happened today, other than the fact that I received my replacement power cord for my Xbox in the mail today. It sure is weird looking with all of its test and reset buttons. Well I just got done talking to my sister Carrie.. She’s pregnant with her fourth child. Something else huh? Hehe, I’m excited for her. Well I’m going to go to bed and wake up to another fine morning of Hell at work.