Last college break begins..

Today was honestly the first Saturday I’ve had off in more than months. I requested today through next Friday off. I deserve a little break from this term that just ended. And, as seeing this is actually my last break considering the hope is to have a new job in June lined up, I am going to take this time to relax and enjoy myself for once. Of interesting note, I received a letter in the mail today from Microsoft sending an urgent message of a recall of the power cord for my Xbox. Apparently all units made manufactured before October 23rd, 2003 have a faulty power cord that can cause a potential fire hazard. The letter informed me all I had to do was fill out my serial number and manufacturer date on and they would send me a free replacement power cord at no charge. So I did just that, and I should have it in the next few weeks or so. Later today I ended up hanging with Josh. We went to Best Buy where I ended up purchasing Halo 2. I still haven’t played as I just got home, but I might stick it in my Xbox and give it a quick look before I go to bed. We saw Boogey Man later in the night with Bobby and Adam. Not the best movie. The British horror film, Close Your Eyes, I saw at Nic’s with Bobby, Ryan, Stephanie, and Charles was much better.

Well, we’re not going to Chicago after all. I went with my previous urge and told Nic and Bobby we should just scratch it. Instead we are just going to drive to Cincinnati which I think is a few hours from here and catch a brewery, head back to a hotel somewhere, drink our little hearts out and watch a movie or something, and then hit some museum the next day and whatever comes our way then head home. Lucky me gets to drive. Oh well. It’ll be fun. So with that, I got to get to bed, I need to get up early and start planning this trip. I’m meeting up with Nic and Bobby tomorrow around noon to figure stuff out. Night Guys.