Fall 2004 Semester Completed!

Today, (or yesterday rather as I always post so late at night), was the end of this long and quite enduring semester. I really haven’t gave myself a lot of time to relax and socialize with friends this term, but it really has paid off. I’m positive I’ll be getting a 3.8 GPA for the term, so I’m eagerly awaiting grades to be posted. I started the day off early after last night writing out my Humanities final for Prof. Mark Keller. Turned that in at 8 A.M, backed up my shared drive because of a scheduled maintenance next Monday, and eventually took my last final at 2 P.M. for BIS 440. It wasn’t too bad, so I think I’m in pretty good shape. That officially ended the term. I bought books today and got some cash back for old ones, but didn’t even stop home as I headed straight to Nic’s and hung out with him and Bobby and watched a couple of movies. At 8, we headed over to Peace Lutheran for another Wednesday night of Jr. High Youth group. Man, they are a rowdy group. It wasn’t easy keeping them under control. After that, we headed to Harvest Moon and talked to Mike, Nate, Helen, David, andRachael until they closed at 10. So all in all it became a very eventful evening. Just nice to know I don’t have to go back to school for about a week and a half. I’m really dreading Senior Project next term.

Just got done talking to Bobby again, this time online. We’re half planning out at trip to Chicago on Sunday, but nobody wants to drive. I will drive if I have to, besides I’ve already drove their once in October for Fight Night at Midway Games. But I’m half considering telling my friends that we scratch the whole trip. Nic can’t stay for long as he’s got to work like on Tuesday, and even though him and Bobby act like they want to go on this wild & crazy adventure, I just get the vibe everyone’s too scared to take the risk of spending a little money in the process. So I’m not sure where this trip stands at the moment. If we don’t go to Chicago on Sunday, I hope we at least figure out something fun to do.

I’m just thinking ahead about things.. I really need to take some chances while I’m on break. I’ll be sending my resume out to a potential company I’m interested in, in March, and besides the obvious job search, I just want to try to make some new friends. So me and Bobby might go out sometime soon and try just that.

Wondering how I’m going to fit in E3 this coming May. A primary concern is money, but an equal concern is skipping a week of school during my last term before graduation. But I really want to go and be able to cover Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, as well as see all of my MK Online crew again.These next four months are going to be the worst four months of my life, in terms of things that are going to need to be done. Hopefully the fact that I have Mondays and Fridays off next term will release some of the strain and pressure off my shoulders.

That’s it.. as always.. catch you next time.