I’m a Senior.. Again.

Well it looks like November is here. Had a pretty good Halloween weekend. I went up and visited Andrew at OSU and went to his girlfriend Amy’s Halloween party. I’m not sure what I went as, it’s hard to explain. I spent the night flirting with two butterflies. Heh, I’m a little more outgoing I’m told if I’m drinking. It was a good time though. Today I started my Fall 2004 term at DeVry.. Started the day with Prof. Price again, this time for Systems Analysis for MGMT 340. About a third of the class was spent on that topic, the rest was on the election tomorrow. Vote Bush!

Well, Ryan’s back from Israel. Nic, Ryan, and me went to BW3’s tonight with Becka Chen. She’s pretty nice, Nic of coarse says I should “go for her”, but he says that about a lot of girls. She’s really cute, but it’s probably another lost cause for me.

Hmm.. last… I went to Chicago on my break last week and got to hang out with Ed Boon and some of the other Mortal Kombat team members. Never would have thought I’d ride in the same car as the creator himself :-P. Midway Games is a great place. I got to see Sarah again who I met at Gamers Day in San Diego, and also ran into Robbie Reilly. Good times. If you’d like to hear more about my trip send me an instant message. We’ll be posting images, movies and more soon at Mortal Kombat Online from our Fight Night chat we did that evening.