Uh huh..

Today should have been an EASY day.. Well in all actualality.. It really was. Just two classes. I went early to mess on my laptop some and download some music and some programs I really wanted. I mean, that part of the day was ok.. Then 3 comes along and all is still good as I enter Database. Ok.. everything’s good.. great day.. then Prof. Covensky starts passing out the labs.. I didn’t get mine back.. I had an inclination I might have not turned it in last Friday, even though it was printed out and stapled, I think in the rush from getting it together and rushing to accounting that day I just sat it down somewhere. So after class I went up to her, and of coarse, since I’m such a good student and have always turned my labs into her last semester, she said “You didn’t turn in your lab??” So I explained my situation, and by the grace of God she didn’t have a problem, and I just had to go to the lab and reprint it off my memory stick. No problem right? Well Covensky talked her way through lecture until 4… I have VB at 4:10.. so I rush to the lab.. and try to find Travis again who had his printed up so I could figure out what I needed to print again.. It was a bunch of printouts, so I didn’t get to run it back to Covensky, because I couldn’t be late for VB, because of a quiz.. And I walked into VB about 5 minutes late and Prof. Price gave me this look.. ugh.. Oh.. as I was walking back to Price’s class though.. mind you.. I realized I left my memory stick/flash drive just sitting on the counter by the print desk.. It cost $64, I was not going to loose it.. But I’m already in the class, so I rushed through the quiz and was the first one done, luckily I studied, it was a breeze, but when I tried to leave, she told me I had to wait five minutes because of some stupid rule she has about being in class at least 15 minutes for a quiz.. and she gave me another one of those looks.. Finally I get to lab, and I kept printing the wrong stuff over and over and got really mad and Travis made fun of me saying how he loves it when I’m stressed out because I keep yelling at him. Yeah heh, I was pretty mad, it was kind of funny. So I finally got to go home, with a nice headache.. hehe. I’m kind of being lazy tonight since nothing important is due but some easy stats homework I’ll finish in the morning.. I have a big Database project with 4 of my other classmates that I have a meeting with tomorrow… Yes.. we do have Phase 1 due next Wednesday, but it’s not that difficult, and this one older guy is stressing me out because he keeps telling me and the others in the group how we need to work and do our part and do this on time and early. No crap dude.. You don’t have to tell me. I’m very capable of doing my work. Geesh.

Haha, ok I’m cool. I’ll check in later. Happy Bday to Kirsten 🙂