Big Update.. I’m back in school.

Well what can I say? School started last week and everything is like it used
to be four weeks ago. My birthday has come and gone and I feel so much older
being 20.. Actually I’m being sarcastic. But it is weird to think I’m in my
twenties now. So here’s to hoping my thirties take forever to get here. Back to
the subject of school, the break is over, and actually I’ve been pretty busy
this past week. I’ll just break down my classes below

BIS 249 – Visual Basic: This class is a programming class where we
learn the Visual Basic language. Unlike C++ which I hated with a passion, VB is
an object-oriented/event procedure computer language. All that means is that
that it is more touch and see then coding. It designs applications that run on
Microsoft Windows. So far I’ve completed the first lab for it without a problem.
I created a few basic applications and felt so cool, even though any actual
programmer would laugh their ass off at me 🙂 I’m not going to bother posting
the program here yet, maybe I will later. Once I get through this class maybe
I’ll make my own mini cool programs.

BIS 240 – Advanced Database: This class is a continuation of my last
class with Prof. Covensky. We are doing more and more with the Microsoft Access
Database program. We began working in that class the very first day, and as
usual last Friday consisted of doing this really long lab that was rather
confusing. I’m going to hate Access by the end of this term, but after this I’m
done with the program and will finally be a pro at it.

Math 221- Statistics: I suck at math, I’ll admit it. I’m not going to
lie.. I barely pulled a D in my last math class two semesters ago. But I had a
terrible teacher. Math has always been my weakest subject. But I really like
this Professor. He’s hilarious, real nice, and down to earth. However, he keeps
making fun of because I work at Wendy’s. Heh..

ACCT 212- Financial Accounting:  I’ve had the class three times
already so far, and I’m a little scared. I almost got lost today, but I think I
figured it out. The Prof. is a woman, and she’s kind of different.. almost
hippie like with long blonde curly hair… Anyway, it will be a challenge. Today
I learned how to write an income statement, a balance statement, and I forget
what the name is statement.

I’m not too worried about my classes yet, I think after how great I did last
semester I’ll be fine, but I’m going to be extra careful. If things get bad I’ll
just get some tutoring in the ARC center. It’s really annoying getting home
really late with this afternoon schedule. Currently I’m only working weekends
and Monday nights. Since some of my classes aren’t till 3 on certain days, I go
into class early with my laptop and steal the school’s T1 access for internet,
so you might start seeing me online with AIM while I’m at DeVry. Other then
school in the past week I’ve managed to hang with friends for a little. Last
Friday I went to see Strikken minus their singer with their own Metallica
concert at Mike’s house. That was a great time. This coming Friday I think Nic
says we are going to see the new Tomb Raider.. I haven’t seen the first one.

What else.. well MK5.ORG is going great.. Our t-shirts will actually finally
be a reality. Midway Games issued us an actual lisence to sell our merchandise.
How cool is that? The shirts will probably be available at in the
next month and will go for about $15. Buy one 😀 I’ll let you know when they
are up. Ok, that’s it from me. Long update I know.. Cry me a river. And yes, the formatting on this entry is skrewy, I won’t do it again.