Well, wasn’t that fun..

Today is not the best of days. Everyone seems to have a problem today. I got out of my Speech class about 30 minutes ago. It started at 11… Prof. Keller is not having one of her better days.. She walks into class and we have a quiz today, we were going to take the quiz, then watch and evaluate our videos from our presentations last week.. When she handed us our quiz, a few people asked if we were working in groups, because honestly, for the last so many quizzes this is the way we have completed them.. She seemed like something was wrong and told us “I don’t think I like the whole group thing anymore”. Then she started to get angry because the faculty didn’t supply her with three television sets. And she got really agitated and said she would be back because she needed to find her equipment. She comes back with the one guy, who brings just one more TV (She wanted 3) and then it wasn’t working or something, and the guy left.. Meanwhile we are all quietly taking our test. Then she breaks the silence, says in a very sarcastic tone.. “You know what, share answers for the quiz, and then you can just leave” and walks out of the class for a few minutes. We just all kind of looked at each other… Well, heh, we did share answers, and we all left. Don’t know what the heck was the problem. She must have had a bad morning :-/

But meanwhile… now I have to wait till 2 for my next class.. I’m contemplating just leaving because its only an hour long and I can’t imagine what I could possibly miss that is that important.. But with my luck, I’ll miss something big, and if I do go home I have a mother to look forward to as she gives me crap about skipping a class. I have two papers due tomorrow and a lab.. I guess I could start it now… But I’m not in much of a good mood myself, ever since late last night. I made a call last night to the guys in LA, and was treated like an ass for interrupting their dinner, when I just wanted to see how things were going. I was quite offended. It doesn’t matter what I think though, no matter what, I guess I’m known as the annoying prick over at my site. I think I deserve a little respect, since I’m part of the reason they are in Los Angeles in the first place. But, whatever. They can act like that; I really have better things to worry about right now.