Not quite Summer yet for me.

I’m at school right now. Have about 20 minutes until my next class. It looks like I’m going to have another busy week. I have two papers due on Friday, one for BIS 150, and another on my trip to the bat mitzvah. On top of that outlines due in English, and quizzes in Speech. I really am starting to wonder how I get it all done. You start to loose energy as summer gets closer. I’m still a little over a month from my summer break, but I’m already anticipating it. I have right now towards the end of this trimester the most work I’ve handled at one time in my school career. I’ve never been able to handle it. I suffered really bad last fall and barely made it through. This semester really does feel better though. I known I’ve said it a thousand times, but it’s really starting to hit me hard. I enjoy what I’m doing. I love learning how to become a better speaker, I enjoy learning management skills and I enjoy learning how to write better. I’m doing so much better this semester I’m worrying when and if the usual stumbling block is coming my way? I haven’t screwed up yet, does that mean it’s almost here? For once I’m confident I’m really got myself turned around and that I’m becoming a better student. I pray it’s going to stay this way.

I’m already looking into summer classes here at DeVry. Classes start July 14th. Two days before my birthday. I’ll be taking a database class, visual basic, my last English class, Professional Writing, and Accounting. I’m hoping it’s going to be a nice change, and with only 4 classes that it will give me a little more time to spend with my friends over the long summer break they are having. Cindy, my counselor is helping me every step of the way and making sure I have the best professors and easiest schedule. I don’t deserve the special attention, but she just really likes me.

As for other things, E3 starts in LA tomorrow.. Amongst all this homework I’ll be trying to get a hold of my staff while they report for People aren’t near as excited as last year at our website, because we’re covering a GameBoy game, and even our usual competitor TRMK, doesn’t appear to be attending this year.

I might have more to say tonight.. I have class in five minutes (BIS 150 – spreadsheet/database class). Later this week I’ll be getting tickets for Matrix Reloaded, which some of us are seeing Friday (Sara’s home, so I think we’re inviting her along) and Sunday I might be hanging out with Kirsten, Nic, Emily again, depending if they can all make it up, or I’ll just hang out with Josh and Nic.

Also, last night my brother n law had a convulsion or something? ahh, but he’s ok. Whew.