Gotcha Day!

What an incredible day the Lord has given! After over a long year of prayers and putting our full faith into our Almighty God, the moment came at last! Today we took our beautiful son, Jackson Scott, out of the orphanage to be with us for the rest of our lives! Praise God!

You can imagine how tired we must be after a day like today. Even though this post will be short, know that this doesn’t mean this day isn’t significant for us. We are just overjoyed to finally be a family of three! The day started out like normal with our drive with Valentino and our friends Shai and Camit who are also adopting. Unfortunately we really didn’t have much of a going away party. Our facilitator was late, and they just took the cake and said thank you! Not really what we wanted and we tried to communicate we wanted to have cake, but it never happened.

However we just decided at one point to walk around and find his nurses because we really wanted them to have a chance to say goodbye to Jackson. As well we had gifts for them. So once we found them, they all they all kissed and hugged our little man goodbye, and left lipstick all over him! It was funny!

After we finally left we stopped by the a government building and picked up his Ukraine passport, and then finally headed home. He was long over due for his nap, so we tried to see if we could get him to go to the bathroom. We have diapers on him, but he’s yet to go in one around us. First we tried to hold him over the toilet and that didn’t work, so we got a bucket out of the kitchen and kept saying “Pizet!” which means to pee 🙂 And pizet he did! A whole bunch! Next we started the process of trying to get him to bed. It took about an hour but we finally got him to fall asleep after a lot of “fake crying”. He sleeps in our suitcase with a comforter. It’s really cute.

After his nap, we actually ventured out to our favorite pizza place one last time. He had a really great time and was well behaved. He’s almost asleep now for the night but he woke up, so Lindsey is with him again. So really, it’s been a great day and we are blessed for it. We found out today that we are actually leaving for Kiev in the morning on Saturday instead of Sunday! We have a 7 A.M. train ride for six hours. Should be a fun! 🙂 We can’t wait to come home to Ohio on Thursday. We’re not sure of our living situations or internet availability after tonight, so we’ll try to keep in touch as soon as we can.

Well, this turned out to be a long post. And.. for the record… Jackson is sleeping! Enjoy the pictures from today.