Syndicating from Google+.

I’ve really been enjoying my time using Google Plus. As of yesterday, I’ve officially been Facebook free for a month. Since then, I’ve spent some time trying to figure out how I can combine Google Plus with my blog at I don’t think Google+ is quite ready to be a blog replacement, but I found some neat ways to push some of my Google+ content over to my blog as mini-blog posts.

To do this I have to use the Public Post option – which I rarely use. But using the Public option makes a bit more sense for blog posts, which is a post that I probably wouldn’t mind sharing on my own website anyway. By using a WordPress plugin called “FeedMyWordPress” and a RSS service called “PlusFeed” I can automatically make any of my public posts carry over to my website. For now I have it set up to just show up as a draft so I can pick and choose what gets published.

I think the majority of my longer blog posts will be made directly on my website, but it will be fun to test this out, as it’s quicker to write a quick post up on here and I’m guaranteed a higher level of interaction with readers and commenting on Google + itself. You will still be able to comment on these mini posts on my site though.

What’s really great about this, if I edit a post in Google+ – the post should correct itself in WordPress as well. Also, it appears to bring in images I post. I will have to see if links work as well.

So we’ll see how this goes. Just testing this out. My hope is that people who aren’t willing to make the jump to Google+ yet will at least see more activity on my actual blog.