It’s Snow Big Deal.

Today was another storm. I guess I’ll have to get Jackson out in this winter  wonderland tomorrow to play. We ended up having to drive in it today. I’ll admit, I freak out driving in the snow. It’s my weakness. I hate driving in it, I hate thinking about driving in it, and it literately gives me anxiety. So tonight, I made Lindsey drive. She’s ruthless and it doesn’t bother her at all. I think it’s an Indiana thing. She grew up in Indiana closer to Chicago so she’s used to seeing a lot of snow.

Like I said yesterday, we have a big weekend ahead of us. It will start tomorrow with a Crow company party they are having downtown. And then we are off on a little trip on Saturday. More on that Monday after the weekend blog break. We’re also looking forward to Sunday as Jackson is going to be part of the baby dedication at church, we’re hanging out with some friends afterwards, and then dinner with the Phillips possibly after that.

Everyone enjoy their weekend. I’ll be back to my Stay at Home Papa stories soon enough! 🙂