So Long, 2009.

I’m really not quite sure where I’m headed with this post, and I need to keep it brief as we’re headed onto our traditional New Year’s Eve plans in a couple of hours. Lindsey’s currently in the kitchen making fruit salsa chips which are amazing, and I am here just buying some time until I put a pizza in the oven for dinner. I’ve done a bit of reflecting on this past year and though it certainly has ended up on a bright note of great holiday get togethers and fun times, this is sort of a year I’m somewhat looking forward to its passing. Maybe I’m like this every year, but I’m really looking forward to 2010, even though there might be plenty of people out there who might try to convince me otherwise. 2009 has a been a year of growth for me and I look forward to a rewarding year ahead where we will hopefully be starting a family and hopefully making more God-centered decisions rather than myself trying to figure out how things should be done.

It could be interesting. Already I am feeling the need to make some very drastic changes in the coming year. I’m at peace that I will make the right decisions and that when I look back on 2010 a year from today, hopefully I’ve done what I’m supposed to do and I have met any goals I set out.

And really that’s about it. I’m getting hungry so I’m going to wrap this one up. Adoption process is going well. Awaiting one more piece of paperwork to come back so that we can start our home study interview. We recently completed our CPR classes and fire inspection.

So anyway, I hope everyone has been having a great holiday season. So long, 2009. Here’s to 2010. Happy New Year!