Mr. Fuzzy Pants No More…. and a Wedding Date is Set.

I am very relieved that the play is over. But that is not a negative feeling by any stretch of the imagination. I’m quite sad that it has ended. However, I guess this production beat me up quite a bit as I was sick for just about the last two weeks of its run. Ten performances can do that to you I guess. It’s nice to finally have my weekends back and have time to relax with my new fiance. (More on that in a bit). I’ll admit I’ve wondered off and on during this production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, if I’ve missed one of my callings in life by not acting more. I really enjoy it and people seem to think I do an alright job. A lot of the cast have told over the coarse of the last few months that they were surprised that I haven’t acted more or went to school for it. I guess I just take it as a casual hobby. My last big role period was in high school. I enjoyed it through and through, yet barely considered giving it another shot. Maybe I do need to start pursuing this lost passion of mine? That is the question. So for all that saw me this month, thanks for coming and I hope you enjoyed it. I’m glad Aaron Leu talked me into it!

So, somehow in between all of the practices and trips to and from here and there, last month I proposed to Lindsey! I won’t bother with all the details here as you can find it on our wedding page we set up last night. But know, we are very happy and excited. Our date is set for October 18th of this year. It’s coming up quick. The main things are worked out which includes location of the wedding/reception/rehearsal dinner, our DJ, and our bridal party. And other misc things I’m not thinking of at the moment.

Other than that, I’m enjoying the nice weather… and you should too. Till next time..