Moved out, moving on.

Well I got to head to work in a little bit, so I can’t make this really long. I’m officially moved out into my new place at the Reserve at Abbie Lakes and I am very excited. I’ve almost been there a week now and the place is starting to finally come together. However, we don’t have internet yet so I’ve been having to visit Harvest Moon in the mornings before work so I can get on here and check my emails and what not. Insight is coming on Tuesday morning, so that will be good.. Overall though, yes things are going very well if anybody cares to know. I’ve been very busy this past week moving stuff from my house to the new apartment, as well as with my job. At the present time I’m really trying to get a new job, simply because I need to start getting into my field. I’m currently after a couple positions.. please pray one of them will give me an interview.

As far as what apartment life is like, I’ll admit it’s different. But it’s a needed change as I was sick of having to put up with my mom’s crap all of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but living with her was just too stressful and even though having a new place brings upon its own new stresses I’m finding that just in one week I am far less stressed out than I usually am simply because I don’t have listen to my mom yell at me every day. So that’s good. On an unrelated note, this Sunday is my birthday. I’m working, but afterwords that night Bobby and I are having our first get together at our apartment to celebrate our birthdays. Anyone is welcome to show up, just call me for details if you didn’t get an email or a text about it.

That’s all I’ve got for now.. I’m good and glad to be out of the house!