Look up to the sky, your answers are nearby.

Well, doesn’t it just stink that we all have to move our clocks forward an hour. I was really hoping when I heard that announcement at work today, that maybe.. just maybe it was a clever little April Fools joke in the works. But no.. not at all! Bah! Heh, ok I’m not really that upset. Esp. when I think of my friend Josh who has to get up at 4 a.m. (That’s in about four hours folks, as at the time of writing this update). I don’t work until noon actually tomorrow, instead of the usual 11, or 11:30, but I still plan on going to church in the morning at 9:15. And oh no.. I have no intention of going to bed anytime soon. That would be too easy! Instead I will finish out this post, and then I plan on watching a movie.. My parents rented Dreamer and Jarhead. I kind of want to watch Jarhead more, but they are still watching it downstairs and Dreamer just seems like a.. happy movie I guess.. Something about a horse and it has Dakota Fanning in it, who is only the cutest girl, EVER. Unless you count Hide and Seek.. She was freaking me out in that movie!

So anyway, I’m in a really good mood for some reason. My mood changes often lately, but I’m in a good mood for the moment, so we all need to dance around and shake shake shake until the sun comes up tomorrow morning. Who’s with me? So.. as I said in my last post I was kind of hoping for an exciting weekend, but it really hasn’t been too exciting. But I don’t care, all is good. I got to hang out with Josh last night and that was still pretty fun. He always makes me laugh and is there to hang out with when I’m really really bored. He rocks. Then today came. I only worked until four and was bored for a little bit but I got the call from Nic, and then me, him, and Emily hung out over there in the kitchen, had ourselves each a beer, ate some pineapple and some brownies and talked about life. We also played a perverted game of hang man with answers including such professional intellectual phrases like sex pimp and nipple twist. Sometimes it’s just fun to not act your age. Well, I think I’m going to wrap this one up. It’s going to be a busy week for me. I’m working all through the week until Friday and Saturday and mostly till around six. I got some things planned out later in the week. I hope all turns out well. I also hope that I finally get a hold of Aflac so I can get that interview set up soon..

To you, my journal reading cult, Good Night.