Slipping off Cloud Nine, One Day at a time.

Well last night was alright, went to a concert (which was pretty awesome!) at Newlife and had Bible Study with the gang. I’m just off from work. Nobody’s home so I think I’m just going to head on over to Bobby’s and grab something to eat and work out. Today wasn’t the best of days, work was really slow and I didn’t get off on time. I started the day before work at Harvest Moon. I had problems sleeping last night so I woke up early and couldn’t fall back to asleep so Ryan was nice enough to get  some coffee with me. I thank him for the company and skipping a class for me. Um.. Nic wants me to go to a career fair at capital but it’s going to be over by the time I would get there so unfortunately that is not going to work out. So off I go to Bobby’s.. we’ll see what’s in store for me.