Life has its Upson Downs

I’m not sure. Today had all the likings of a great night, but something was missing. Had work, and after taking Ramona home, which really that’s quite a favor considering she lives by my school, Ryan and Bobby picked me up and we went to Harvest Moon and talked to Helen. She had her wisdom teeth taken out, a dreaded memory of when I went through that over a year or more ago. We ended up having dinner at Bobby’s, left over lasagna which was pretty good, then headed back to the coffee shop to watch Mike’s band Upson Downs play. Met a lot of people tonight. One was Jonathan, who I talked to for a little bit and later on in the night was Jordan. After the band started playing Bobby decided to hit on Helen by getting her apple sauce or something at Walmart. I thought it was dumb so I stayed with Ryan and a bunch of us “broke” into Justin’s house and watched The Heist. Bobby eventually came, but only after asking Helen out apparently. I’m somewhat jealous, as she’s a really nice and pretty girl, but I don’t know.. she’s 17, senior still and Bobby’s four years older. I’m not sure what he’s setting himself up to. It just makes me think more and more how I really don’t have time for a girlfriend.

It’s true, my life is on a rapid beat. This term is something else. Senior Project has already picked up with it just being week 3, and I did end up becoming one of the team leaders. Though my actual rank is co-leader so I guess I’m second in command. Which is fine with me. I’m finding being co-leader is more than enough with my busy schedule. You know, Melissa Marinoff is in my group. What are the chances of that? Funny. Our client is Da Vinci Ristorante, and it’s going to keep my hands tied for the next 12 weeks that’s for sure. I’d talk more about the project but hell it’s the weekend, I don’t want to think about it. Even after the incident with group member Sabra on Friday.

I’m counting down the weeks till graduation. I’m really starting to get nervous. I have no clue where life is about to take me. I’ve applied for a job already and I’m praying I get it, but the whole not knowing factor is killing me.

Before I graduate Bobby and Nic are going to move to Mass. in like May or something, maybe April. So two of my friends will just be leaving me. And if I get this job I’ve applied for, I’ll be moving shortly after. It’s crazy. I want to know my future now.

I want to fast forward to June.