Just a boring day..

Well, kind of feel a little stood up by my friends. Mainly Josh and Ryan. I called them both tonight, Josh first who said Mike and him might be seeing a movie, so I told him to call me back, and he never did.. Then he wouldn’t answer his phone after that. As well, Ryan said he would call me back, and he didn’t, and didn’t answer his phone after that. Nic had a valuable excuse, but that was about it. So I just sat here all night and watched TV. I hate nights like those. Well I guess I do that a lot during the week, but I really look forward to Fridays after a week of school. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow night.

Instead when I got home, I went out to eat with my parents tonight. That doesn’t happen much, but considering I ended up doing nothing else this evening I’m glad I at least did that. Remember that haircut in my entry last night I said I would get this morning? I was right, didn’t happen. I was unable to pull myself from bed early enough, but I got it right after school today so I feel a lot better. Today was spent in three classes. First was the Technology and the Society class (or whatever the hell it’s called) with Keller. It was kind of boring, but since he gets so into the lecture, it’s rather amusing. Then I had Career Development with Perkins. I had him my freshman year, he’s great. Then it was back to BIS 440 with Gina Cooper. Her personality is great. She’s pregnant though, so I’m wondering if she’s gonna make it through this entire term with us. I’d hate to have to get a new professor halfway through this coarse. That one girl I rambled on in my last post was there on the other side of the room. Damn she’s hot.

That’s about it for this day.. pretty boring.. I work in the morning, I’m tired.. so I’m going to bed. Night!