I don’t wanna live like my mother…. Smile Empty Soul

So how does this thing work again? For whatever reason or another I’ve not been in the mood lately to record my everyday activities. I mean is it all really that exciting? I’m on break now sure, but other then this short three week break, which is already entering it’s second week come Monday, all I ever do is school. You don’t want to listen to me go on about Networking Concepts, or how boring Marketing with Pahanna was and the like, Hell no, it’s not worth it. Oh well.

It is break though, as short lived as it’s going to be, It’s been pretty eventful. Why is it during breaks is when people like myself want to pick up and start writing again? I’m not sure. It took a lot of motivation to just start typing this. I’d rather be in bed, but ya know.. I love you people. Anyway, Yeah I guess it would have been exciting to tell you about my E3 trip last month. All I can say is, incredible. That sums it up. Simply awesome in all regards. Bobby’s home on leave until July 2nd, we all went to Virginia Beach, that was fun. I slept on an ironing board the first night, but it’s all good. My sister and her boyfriend might be coming up during the 4th of July weekend, haven’t seen her since December, so I’m kind of looking forward to that. Mom got her knee replaced, she’s feeling better, so that means we’re being yelled at constantly about how messy this house is, when it’s actually cleaner then the White House.

What else? Hmm, well I’m growing up. Heck, done with school by next June… starting to think about what I want to do and where I want to be in a year. It’s crazy. It’s all going so fast, almost too fast. I’ve got dreams sure, I’d like to move to Chicago, maybe get a job at Midway. Will it happen? Who knows. It be nice, money be good, and I’d enjoy my job. If it’s not Chicago, I wonder where I’ll end up around here. It’s a weird thing to think about, where you’ll be in a year. Sometimes I look through this journal; try to see a picture of where I was a year ago and all. Sometimes things don’t change much in a year and it becomes all a blur. But every so often a year passes and your whole world around you has changed. Well that’ll probably be 2005. I envision a lot for me, I pray things will go on track. Yeah, I pray. Me. Never was much of a praying man, now I go to Bible Study on Sundays. All of a sudden here I am having this closer relationship with God. Heck, I read the Bible now more then I ever have in my life, but I talk as if I’m bragging. I haven’t attended church in so long I feel almost uncomfortable to go back. But I’m working on it, I’m not quite ready just yet. But I think my time will come. I’ll get back into it.

Life, it’s all one big episode of Unsolved Mysteries.