No, I’m sick of talking about DeVry too.

Today was the second day of classes this term. I think I’m really going to love this trimester compared to the last one, if that’s even possible. 3 of the 4 professors I’ve already had at one point. The only new guy I have is Prof. Preissle, and he seems pretty cool. That class is my last English coarse. To my surprise, Melissa who is still in the CIS program, is in my class. So that’ll be fun to have the chance to talk to her again. In managerial accounting I have Elkin again, quite the character. In E-Commerce I have Prof. Phillips, who I had way back in my first semester of college in COMP100, when I was still in the CIS program. I thought he was annoying as all hell then, hopefully that won’t be the case a year and a half later. I’m liking the things he said we are going to learn though, they really deal with me and my website. In Operation Management, or Systems ( I have no clue what this class is called, the book, syllabus, and schedule all have different names) I have Prof. Pahanna for the third time. I had her for Introduction to Business my first term at DeVry as well as two trimesters ago, in Management. So I’m really used to her style by now, and she’s really good, and gives great notes. All her tests are essays now, but that’s going to be a breeze, because she gives you the exact questions for the test a week before, you just do it for homework, memorize your answers, and she gives you the same sheet back for the test, just copied in a different color. Last time I took an essay test with her I got a 100.. so no worries. Can’t wait to take her Marketing class. I’m really interested in marketing, and that’s where I’m hoping to probably get a job in when I get my bachelors. Let me restate, I really am going to like this term A LOT better then last, finally no wasted lab hours, and besides a small group speech for Professional Writing w/Presissle, no gigantic group projects! I had one in just about every class last semester and was about to die! With 4 straight forward classes, and having Friday’s off, I think I’m going to get really good grades. Here’s to hoping.

Tomorrow night, I believe I’m seeing Matrix Revolutions with the gang. That should be fun. It’s a school night, but I’m not bombarded with homework just yet. I have a lot of other crap I gotta get done with MK5.ORG as well, like the games section. Plan was to get that done last week, but I got those wisdom teeth out. (My mouth is still sore by the way, it’s getting old) I’ll fine time Joe, don’t worry. 😉 And yes, I’m talking straight to Joe, because he’s the only person that reads this journal now. What happened to the masses? Am I loved no more?

Heh, that about wraps it up, till next time.