Tonight was a good night..

Finally home from Alrosa Villa, and hanging out with everybody at Josh’s. As the subject says tonight was a good night, and I feel good. Now I promised myself when I started this journal that I would keep a thin line between my daily stories and private stories about people or what I think of them, because this is public and those very people I talk about in here, could read this down the road. So when I mention personal things I’m not going to give names away 🙂

Anyway, that is why this story will be short. but.. I finally got to meet this one individual that is Nic’s girlfriend’s friend. Nic has been trying to get me to meet her for what seems forever. Nic apparently thinks we’d be great together, but I’m a very picky person and most of the people I’ve met through him I haven’t been too excited about. But wow.. um.. this girl was awesome! I’m really shy as it’s known, but I actually got myself talking to her. She’s really nice, pretty, and funny all in one. I usually don’t get this excited, but man I just have a good vibe. She probably has no clue I’ve been wanting to meet her. Well Emily knew I wanted to, so she might have told her. She did have a big smile when I introduced myself.. The only thing is, this girl’s about done with her first year of college and will be going back home for the summer. Now Now.. just because of what I said doesn’t mean I have intentions of anything.. I’m just saying, man she left an impression on me and that just doesn’t happen that often. Wow, ok I’m stopping right there.

Anyway, after Alrosa some of us went to Josh’s House. It’s kind of funny, you can always find the strangest groups of people at his house after a gig. I saw people there I rarely knew from High School. But it was all fun. Anyway yeah.. I’m about to go to sleep… I just hope I can, cuz I’m in a really good mood and have lots on my mind.

Night all.