Average Day

Last night I was going to finish my English paper.. I only had to write two paragraphs, but I ended up calling Justin again. I called him about 12:30 AM, because that’s when you’ll find us MK5.orgers up usually. We ended up talking for over two and a half hours about the shit we’re planning up for the site. Well we got off topic a lot so that didn’t help. He’s a real fun guy to talk to. It’ll be interesting when we meet next year with the rest of the staff.

But yeah, didn’t get the paper done, it wasn’t a big deal. The bulk of the paper was done, but when I got up this morning I realized the bulk I had done wasn’t saved anywhere. Ha. So I rushed to school and had to retype it. That was a pain in the arse, but it was still a good paper in the end.. I think.. I have Cindy Keller for two classes, Advanced Comp, the one where I wrote the paper for, and Group Communication. I’m getting A’s in both of her classes so far… so that’s awesome.

I was kind of pissed off today. Today’s magic number was 78. I received that grade on both my Excel Midterm and Management Midterm. Maybe I shouldn’t be mad, I mean.. an 80 is a B in college, so it’s a solid high C. It’s just that I thought, at least for the Excel Test, I did better. Management is pain in the butt. But, I’m not too worried. I think I could still pull B’s for those classes, I do all my work and I’m not anywhere near being stressed out with them yet. As for Sociology I have a B so far.. So in general grades are going pretty well. It’s funny when I didn’t care about how I did my first semester and I was very happy and settled for a C on tests, and now it’s making me mad? Probably a good sign. I’m still a little lazy about doing my homework.. I always get it done.. But I’m SUCH a procrastinator, some things never change 😉 .

Today, we invited Alyssa and Aunt Debbie over for dinner. Besides all that’s going on, it turned out to be really nice. I’m glad they came, and I hope they come more often now for dinner.

Looks like this will wrap up another journal post… Beyond school, work, MK5.org updates, and worrying about girls, all is good.