This week feels like it’s going on forever. For the first time this semester I almost got into one of my moods where I didn’t feel like doing any school work. For instance, I want to start my Excel Lab, which I will do in a little, and I was hoping to work on my speech a little because we are practicing again tomorrow. I have a full week to get it right, so it’s not really a problem, but I’ve really been putting it off. I think the reason I get like this is because of my lack of sleep. The past couple of days I’ve been going to bed late, even because I can’t sleep or I have homework due. Now I find myself falling asleep and taking naps when I get home. I did that yesterday before work, and even tonight for about an hour. I hate falling asleep during the day because like last night.. It’s hard for me to fall asleep at night because of the naps. I don’t think I fell asleep last night until around 3:30 and I wanted to get up at 7 and get to school a little early… Heh.. that didn’t work out. I can barely get myself out of bed in the morning, even for an 11:00 class.

This is what got me last semester, so I’m being very cautious about it this time, and I’m going to try and overcome it. I want to do better in school, so far I am, but I gotta keep being enthusiastic about it. Obviously I need more sleep, because with sleep I have more energy. If anybody has any suggestions let me know..

Anyway, I’m going to force myself to get my Excel Lab done now even though I’m so tired. I’m not working on my speech tonight.. I’ll have to look into it tomorrow morning.. Night all.