‘Twas the Night Before..

Tomorrow is the big day!  Scott and I officially become parents and we take Jackson out of the orphanage for good.  We are so excited, but it seems bittersweet at the same time.  He has been in this place for two years and the nurses have cared for him for two years.  We have a cake and balloons and juice to celebrate his going away with the other kids and nurses.  We also have to remember to pack the little gifts that I made for the nurses, and also a change of clothes for him.  They need to keep the clothes that they have at the orphanage for the other children.  No more blue painter bear shirt for Jackson!

We are off to bed.  I’m sure we’ll need the rest for tomorrow! Also, we booked our flights for next Thursday! We will be arriving in Columbus at 7 PM on the 18th if all goes as planned! We are extending an open invitation to anyone available to meet us at the airport to meet our son and newest American citizen!