A New Post? Stop the “Madness"!

Ah.. the blog. I have figured it’s about time for the obligatory, “I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, months, years” post.  I felt at the very least I should post that this past October my son Lincoln William was born. That brings the kid count up to 3. That’s a lot of children. And besides the oldest Jackson (now seven and a half), that’s a lot of poopy diapers. Josette (three next month) and Lincoln (now five months) produce a lot of crap. Josie is what I would like to call potty-trained inclined. She knows what to do and the concept, but sadly enjoys the laziness and attention that changing her diaper brings. Don’t worry. Today is March 20.. the end of tax season is in sight and Lindsey and I will conquer this. Josie will be three on April 18th. I’m putting it out there right now. On that date we stop buying diapers. There I said it. Wait.. can’t do that. There’s Lincoln still. Dangit!

Well, that was a pretty pathetic re-introduction. I just stopped a two year hiatus of my  blog to catch you up on my children’s poop and pee history. Lovely! But oh.. ha ha.. isn’t that just a perfect explanation for the blog’s inactivity? Life has changed. But oh.. how life is good! I am a new man in Christ – and growing every day. As I prepared to blog today I was looking at some of my older posts. Obviously though not consecutive at this point I have kept this blog up for 14 years of my life! That is an insane accomplishment.  My first post was on November 28, 2012 when I was nineteen years old! Throughout the last decade and half of this blog I have shared intimate details on my life, my college years, my ups and downs, my struggles, multiple whiney posts about wanting a girlfriend, several innuendos about my dating escapades, to ultimately finding the perfect relationship in the One who brings me all joy (that’s Jesus), to meeting, dating, and eventually marrying the second love of my life – Lindsey Howell. It’ll be eight years of wedlock in October!

I have no clue what I’m going to write about here or if there will be another post. I invite you to read the archives though. There’s plenty there – my testimony and more if you look far enough. I have mainly stopped blogging because blogs are so last decade, right? It might have been enjoyable to read a college student’s story about life and its tribulations. But who wants to read about an old guy who’s hairline is receding and is married with kids? Ok, maybe there are some of you. :-). I do miss writing though. I miss the audience I once had. But times have changed. I also don’t find it that appropriate to document my drama in a public forum such as this. For some reason I felt I could get away with that in college. Besides, I find drama a waste of time and it brings me no joy. Since I became a new creation I have an everlasting peace that is unexplainable to the hard-hearted. I count my trials as blessings because I know where my Hope is. To quote author Randy Alcorn, I  live not for the dot but for the line. I invest no longer in earthly things that will wither away and pass, but eternal treasures offered to me in Heaven, which is spending eternity with the one who showed me so much grace and love when I turned my back on Him again and again.

Wow.. you’re probably reading this and saying – this guy must be crazy? He’s got to be off his rockers? I wouldn’t argue. I am crazy in love with the One who Saves. Who or what are you in love with? Where do you find joy? In your possessions? In politics? In other’s approval? Do you seek something greater than what this world has to offer? The good news is you can. It’s freely available. Jesus Christ is my Everything. He’s why I wake up in the morning. He’s why I breathe. Not for my myself, not for my wife or my kids, not for my family –  (although those things are important). But Jesus is Everything. Is He your Everything? Do you know Him? Would you like to know Him? He might be knocking at your door now – all you have to do is repent from the ugliness of your sins, believe in Him, call on His name, and you too will be saved. You too can experience the unceasing joy that He so so graciously offers. A free gift none of us are worthy to receive but  are offered anyway. That’s true love, folks!

Ok, I told my self I wouldn’t go on a tangent about Christ, but once again I can’t help myself. If I haven’t lost you yet, here’s a bit more of where things are at age 32. Life is great. I can confidently say that. It’s not easy. It’s been stressful. I’ve been told I take this Jesus thing too seriously these past two years. But that’s ok. If none of this makes sense open up your Bible and read. Try to read every day. You will stumble. I stumble often in that area. Anyway – family is doing great. My career is going well in Customer Service. – I am blessed. I’ve also taken on a new job at my church as their media coordinator. I’ve been handing Cornerstone Bible Church’s social media for the last year and that has expanded into other areas of the church including designing church media, helping grow communications, and running their website.

Alright.. this is it for now. Lindsey just asked me what I was doing. I told her I was blogging. She asked me if it was 1999 again. I think that means I need to sign off. Till next time!