Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you!

Each day we are learning more and more about our little guy Jackson.  Here’s a list of what makes Jackson unique:

  • In bringing him a Halloween shirt yesterday, we learned that he likes to dress himself, and he’s pretty good at it!
  • We brought him baby food a few days last week.  Now he thinks he is too good for the crackers or bread that we bring him and he looks in our backpack for more baby food.
  • He’s not used to people wearing glasses being close to his face.  Usually the nurses keep their distance from the kids, so there has been many times he’s gotten a good grasp on my glasses.  If you wear glasses… beware!
  • If something needs fixed, Jackson will yell “Mama” in this weirdly deep voice.  This is everything from a toy needing fixed to his overalls coming unfastened.  I think he calls the nurses “mama”, so he’s not really looking for me particularly to fix the problem, but rather someone to help.
  • Jackson loves to sing and to hear music.  He’ll start to sway and dance to it.
  • It is difficult to discipline him because he laughs the cutest rolling laugh.  Scott and I have been trying to establish authority with him, so as soon as he does something that we don’t approve of, we’ll lay him down to keep eye contact with him and with a stern face say “Nyet” (no).  He laughs for a few seconds and then starts to whimper when he realizes that we aren’t laughing with him.  Then he gets up and gives us a hug.
  • Jackson loves to watch babies.  We keep him away from them in the playroom, so he’ll just sit with us and watch them.
  • Jackson picks up his toys at the end of our visit, and he makes a big production out of it.  He is very thorough and sticks with it until the very last puzzle piece, but he puts each piece in the bag in a different way.  He brings some over in his mouth, sometimes he’ll balance some of the blocks on the puzzle pieces and walk with them, and today he started putting them in his shirt and dumping them in the bag.
  • We gave Jackson a sippy cup.  He carries it all around the playroom, but he doesn’t really understand the concept of sucking from it.
  • I’ve never seen a kid eat a banana so quickly!  I think he devoured it in 6 bites.

Here’s a picture of Mama and with Jackson being ornery today:

Mama with Jackson