Looking Back, Moving Forward.

As the leaves have mostly changed colors and begun to fall and summer slips away, it’s a reminder of how drastically our lives have changed since last year when Autumn came our way. A year ago today we took our comfortable life style, free evenings to ourselves and typical schedule and threw it out the window as we jumped on a plane from Columbus, OH headed to Ukraine into the world of the unknown. Back then we didn’t know the exact outcome of our trip. Although we now know Jackson was destined to be with us (who is now 3 years old and full of life), at the time we didn’t know if we would end up with a boy or girl as we had just days before been informed that our agency upped our age limit from 3 and under to 5 and under!

But everything worked out and here we are a year later and a lot has changed. A lot of unexpected things have happened and some surprises down the road but it’s safe to say I think we’ve been following God’s word and will the best we know. I’ll speak for myself, but it hasn’t all been easy and has been stressful at times. We are settled into our new life in Indiana, but Lindsey has been very busy at work these last few months which have turned into long evenings with Jackson and I alone holding down the fort until 8 PM or later. So as I’ve been a little exhausted from it all, I’ve took some time away from here and have tried to spend my free time utilizing every minute I have to myself efficiently.

There’s a lot of good to report though – we have indeed found our church home and forever grateful for being around great new friends and influences. The church we attend is very biblical based with no if, ands or buts, and it’s been encouraging to hear our pastor Kirk get so enthusiastic in teaching the Word. Though we started attending in June, they’ve been hitting the Book of Mark since we’ve been here and I think we are on chapter 9. The associate pastor mentioned the other day that they started Mark well over a year ago, so it gives you some context just how detailed the teaching really is!

One of the biggest things we missed when we moved to Indiana was being part of a life group, and within the last month they started up at our church. We are in a great group which meets Friday nights with lots of kids and a manageable amount of families where the discussion is intense and fun at the same time. We are reading a book right now called “Radical” by David Platt and it really encourages you to pick up your cross and stop living a watered down version of American Christianity that is very prevalent in today’s society.

Something different we do that we didn’t at our last church is that the men and women meet separately once a week for coffee to just catch up on each others lives intermixed with Bible reading and prayer. It’s a real intentional way to encourage one another and keep ourselves accountable during the week and I think our new friendships have grown stronger because of it as well. I really like the men in our group and am so happy to have met them! It makes all the difference in the world being surrounding by other men in Faith.

On a personal level I feel God working in my heart and growing in me. In the past few months I’ve really come to appreciate my relationship with Him and with my own son, Jackson. Staying at home has been great, some small hardships aside. As I watch Jackson grow it’s becoming so much fun to raise him and be such an important part of his life. The kid is on the go all the time now and is full of words now and always singing, dancing and laughing. It’s hard to believe just a year ago we were starting our adventure to bring him home. It seems like he’s been with us longer than that. Earlier this month we submitted our first post-adoption report and it was a lot of fun to look back at all of the memories and photos from that time as we prepared it!

As we approach the year anniversary of meeting Jackson a week from today, it’s become a constant reminder of how great our God is. I ask that you pray that in the next week that God can reveal a way for me to explain just how incredible this adoption really was. For those reading that don’t know us personally there were some “details” we left out of our adoption blog journey last year while we were in Ukraine. After a year I think and hope it is the right time to share with everyone how mysterious, yet perfect God’s will is.

Jackson isn’t with us by chance (even with the coincidence we met him our second wedding anniversary!). The story is personal and I just want to be careful when I explain it that it doesn’t come off as prideful. I pray that God would humble my heart as I try to find a simple and short way to explain how God touched the lives of not just our family, but another American family we never had the chance to meet in person, but whose lives we will be intermixed forever in a very special way. Without out a doubt, we serve an Amazing God!

Projectile Oatmeal, Toddler Eating Issues & Facebook’s Fate

First their was the fear of Jackson going potty in public without a diaper. Luckily I made it through that father test, however yesterday I faced another challenge I had been hoping would never come – a sick toddler.

Surprisingly, Jackson has never really been that sick since he’s been home with us. There was a couple of times he had a cold and a real bad runny nose and cough, but that’s to be expected I guess and they usually came and went very quickly. Last night however Jackson had a strange quick turnaround from healthy bouncy boy to a lethargic sick kid with a fever. It happened really quickly after his afternoon nap. I noticed he wasn’t full of his normal hyper self after his nap and he wasn’t really interested in doing anything beside watch TV. Then, when Lindsey got home he actually started to feel very hot and was almost falling asleep. Of course we couldn’t find our thermometer, so Lindsey headed to Target real quick to grab one. Well, while she was gone he would not do anything. I even asked if he wanted to do his favorite activities which include Eating, Dancing and Horse rocking. He politely told me “No Papa” to each question. Well after giving him some water, Jackson vomited everywhere nearly missing me in the process. Pretty gross. But he did end up okay after that. We gave him some medicine for the fever and in less than an hour he was back to his normal self running around and wanting to play. He’s been fine ever since! It was such a strange quick sickness, but it seems to have passed.

Also, this is kind of on a different subject, but lately in the last month Jackson has started going through an annoying phase. I’m sure it’s normal, but we’re not sure how to handle it. Basically, he’s refusing a lot of the food we offer him for meals, sake the food he really enjoys like oatmeal, hotdogs, and the like. He used to eat almost anything we made for dinner as long as we cut it up in small pieces, but now he is being really stubborn.  A typical dinner tonight of left over lasagna took about an hour or so to even get him to eat a few bites. Does anybody have any advice?

Last, I am closer and closer to dropping Facebook. I know I’ve been driving the point a lot, but Google+ is great. I’m not pushing the idea simply because you should join “another” social network. But, for many of us Facebook is an addiction that hundreds of my friends are hooked to. I want to break free from spending hours each day reading my feed. I’m still a tech guy at heart though and I think social networking is okay and fun, but Google+ is changing the way you share information and let’s you really share what you want with only who you want. And as I mentioned earlier,  one of the best features is the quick way to just read up on people you care about and hide all the other junk if you just need a break.

So as an update to my last post, I’m closer to possibly quitting Facebook. There’s still clever ways I can share my blog updates via email to my close friends until they make the jump. If I do move to Google+ I plan on updating my blog more frequently though. If I make this “bold” move, I’m excited to see how much of my day will be free to actually get work done and in turn spending more quality time with my son.

As a side note, I’m going to help a new group of Stay at Home dad’s by hosting a weekly hangout on Google+ to offer support and friendship for other Stay at Home Dad’s – and specifically for those who happen to have adopted. More details on that soon!

A Little Train Accident..

I learned this morning that a toddler being potty trained does not dismiss the possibility of an accident. I have been fretting this day since the thought of myself becoming a stay at home dad entered my mind – the dreaded day Jackson has an accident in public. Today was that day.

Each Wednesday morning I take Jackson up the road to our local Barnes & Noble for story time. It’s not really all that exciting and pretty quick, but Jackson enjoys it each week so I keep on going. They usually read two books and then have the kids color something associated with the book. (Though, it’s kind of annoying when they sometimes decide to make one of the books a story from The Nook) Going there was a little awkward for me at first, as I’m usually the only dad who shows up and it’s always a mix of stay at home mom’s and their nannies. Actually, now that I think about it, most of the kids are there with their nannies. I seriously had no clue so many kids had nannies watch them all day. So weird! I guess maybe that’s an alternative to childcare I suppose.

Anyway, after the books were read and the coloring was done, Jackson whispered in my ear “Train!” You see, each week after story time most of the kids make their way to the opposite end of the store where they have a toy train station setup for the kids to play with it. Jackson insists on playing with the trains every week. Which is fine, but usually he gets upset when it’s time to leave. On a normal week there’s usually about 4 or 5 other kids playing with him and all the parents/nannies standing around. If anything was in my favor today, it was the fact that nobody apparently wanted to play trains today but Jackson.

Well, 9/10 if Jackson needs to go potty he will loudly let me know and we will leave and take care of business. I didn’t even think he would need to go today while we were out because, being the diligent SAHD that I am, I made sure to have him go potty before leaving the house. Nonetheless, He came up to me and said “Papa, Potty!” And halfway into me responding “Okay then, let’s go to..” he started peeing, everywhere, all over his clothes leaving a huge puddle on the ground. Luckily it wasn’t carpet where we were at. And thankfully, this was the day no other kids wanted to play with the trains. Apparently they knew something I didn’t. I thought fast and quickly swooped him up in one arm holding my hand under his pants (I don’t think he was done yet) and quickly scurried to the bathroom and made him finish his business and gave him a little talking to. I was so embarrassed, but I’m not sure if anybody actually saw it happen. After cleaning Jackson up the best I could, I brought some paper towels with me and cleaned up the mess the best I could, but you could still tell their had been an accident. Around the corner I apologized to the lady who had just completed story time and told her of the incident, and quickly fled the scene before anyone else would find out “my” kid was the culprit. As I mentioned I was fortunate. On any normal week this would have happened with five kids and their guardians around, and that sure would have been embarrassing. I would have probably destroyed all stay at home dad’s credibility everywhere! (Ok, just kidding)

I called Lindsey and told her the news, and she reminded me he had another small accident in his bed a few nights ago. We came to the realization that both accidents happened after his surgery last week. I wonder if there’s a connection?

Anyway, so I wonder how brave I’ll be next week, or if I’ll end up putting him in a pull-up. I know I shouldn’t, so I hope he just wasn’t paying attention today. Oh well, I guess I should be gracious. He’s not turning 3 until the end of this month and he’s been potty trained longer than I’ll ever really know. Ukraine orphanages are like the military when it comes to the potty business. He did regress a little bit when he first came home with us, but he quickly caught on to using the toilet. We’ve been fairly lucky, as I know a few families who have adopted internationally that are still having problems getting their kids to be potty trained, so I completely respect that and should be glad he’s potty trained at all.

It was just an accident after all. I still love my guy, even if he does pee his pants in public!

Observations of my Toddler

I thought I’d write up a quick post on my observations of Jackson and his progression these last few months. Being a new father, I’m not sure who I should be comparing Jackson to. If he’s behind at his age, I guess I wouldn’t really know. I haven’t done that much extensive research on where he should be at this time in his life, but Lindsey I think has been doing a better job keeping track of that sort of thing. But as I am the one who has spent the most time with him over the course of a typical day it is my observation at least that he’s doing really well. I’m not just saying that because he’s my kid and I’m proud, but he really is starting to mature into quite a little adventurous guy when looking back on our videos from Ukraine. He’s close to 32 months old now and is just full of energy and has the willingness to try and experiment with new things daily. Just in the last few weeks his speaking has really picked up, and he’s starting to speak a lot more words. At times he’s finally started to put really simple phrases together like “All Done Papa” or “More Please Papa” He’s also quickly learning on his own Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Lindsey and him were singing it yesterday and he almost nailed all of the words! He just seems really smart and even though his words are limited he understands almost everything I tell him from “Move your horsie away from the TV”, or “Go throw this in the trash”, to harder ones like “Let’s go wash your hands”. I guess those are simple ones. But really, he does almost everything I ask him and is not confused. It’s funny though, he probably knows how to do more adult things than kids that go to daycare. He’s all about putting his jacket and shoes away in their proper spot, etc. He loves to do the things he sees Lindsey and I do throughout the day.

Jackson is also recognizing things he sees from our learning time activity. For instance, there is a YouTube video we watch for the Alphabet and it uses phonics like singing “Eh Eh Elephant” for the letter E. While he was watching Sesame Street the other day he say some elephants and quickly pointed and said “Eh Eh Elephant!” Which was exciting, but I hope he doesn’t start emphasizing the first letter of every word he recognizes– his future teachers might think he’s stuttering! 🙂

I also notice throughout the day there are definitely things he’s interested in and things he’d rather do without. We don’t watch too much TV, but I find that he only likes the beginning of Sesame Street. The beginning of the program is much like the program I grew up loving when I was a kid. But after about 15 minutes it turns into this computer animated Abby Cadabby bit. Jackson (much like myself) finds this portion as well as Elmo’s World kind of lame. He quickly loses interest on watching when these segments come on and starts playing with his toys again. It’s not that he doesn’t like learning, but he’s definitely not interested in second class learning shows. The good ones like Blue’s Clues – he loves! He’ll sit still and interact with it during the entire show!

Speaking of things Jackson likes – I’m telling you this kid is going to be a star someday. He LOVES to sing and dance so much. His favorite TV show is American Idol. He sits down by the TV and is just in love with all of the singing. He sings the tune of the song (though not catching all of the words of coarse) and dances and claps to the beat of the song. It’s so funny!

Jackson is also quite smart and conniving at times. Lindsey pointed out once that one time when he was messing with something he knew he was not allowed to touch, when caught he quickly switched from messing with the item to singing The itsy bitsy spider in hopes Mama would forget what he was doing!

So, I think he’s doing well. He’s very loving and though he still likes to be held a lot by others who offer, he is more and more attached to us and doesn’t always run off to other people unless he knows them. All of my observations are not scientific by any means, but each day Jackson has continued to grow in his development and it’s very encouraging. I wont’ lie, I am one proud papa!

Adam & Dave, This One’s for You.

I have failed. let you down. I let one big life changing event happen in my life [full story] and what happens? I give up posting daily on my stay at home adventures with Jackson. Is this defeat? No. But I must grow strong and get back on my feet and rebound as the victorious king blogger. I will use this cartoon to summarize why I haven’t been blogging, and why you’re lucky to read one today:


The whole process of moving to Indiana, though exciting for us, has been kind of stressful for me. The more we start to pack our things, the more reality hits that there’s a lot of work to to be done. As that happens I kind of shut down. I’ve been veg’ing out on the couch more, focusing on things that aren’t ultimately that important, and allowing my time home with Jackson to be more of a nuisance then something I should be enjoying. I’ve let him get to me a lot in this last few weeks as Lindsey and I have been digesting our move to Indiana and its beginning to show on me. Learning time has become play time for Jackson and computer time for Scott. Nap time has become zone out time. Bible reading has become – minimal at best. Can anything save me? Well of coarse.

It’s funny when I don’t blog. If you look closely, you can always use it as a tool to see if I’m doing well. Although, my habits  have changed over the last nine years. In my early years of blogging I would blog because I was angry, torn, or upset about something. I was a teenager and full of emotion and I loved using my blog as an escape. Back then, if things were peachy – you wouldn’t hear from me. Blogging was a way to push out all of the emotions I was holding in.

Fast forward to around 2006 – life is much different. Thank God that today I’m actually a pretty happy person and I’m fully confident that’s because I have a relationship with Him. But ironically, now I blog about the good in the world and the happy times. I no longer blog to escape pent up feelings, but to embrace my life and share it with others. So do me a favor as so many of my friends have encouraged me over the last few weeks – If I’m not blogging, continue to get on my case. I’m probably not wanting to write because I’m discouraged of how I’ve been acting and nobody likes to read a blog about someone who is down on themselves. I’ll be honest, I hate blogging sometimes period. I honestly don’t think my life is  all that interesting, but for some reason you people keep reading. Therefore I owe it to you to make the few minutes you spend on this site worth your time. So, anyway enough of this babble – just thought I should be honest.

But fear not! There is good in all of this silence at ScottHowell.ws! I have officially become domesticated! I have learned that it is important to clean and keep up on it. During the times I have been stressed out about staying at home, I have conducted a scientific test that if I keep the house in order, less stress is induced! This is scientific fact! A few days ago I spent an entire Jackson nap period cleaning the house head to toe and IT FELT WONDERFUL! I felt as if I had climbed my own personal Mount Everest. I’m strangely getting excited about the fact of keeping our new home in Carmel clean. I know, it’s scary. It’s sick I’m even saying that. Thankfully I have a wife who has been happy with the hard work I have put in and she has found time to remind me that I am doing a good job and that it’s okay to have bad days (or weeks) at times.

I want to reiterate, I am excited to be moving to Indiana and my attitude is starting to adjust. This next week will be crazy as we get ready to move, but we will get through it. The support from everyone has been amazing. Our friends threw us a little going away party over the weekend and it’s exciting to see how much everyone here cares for us. We are going to miss our family, friends, and church so much. But we will visit! I think this Sunday might be our last time at church at NewLife for awhile and that saddens me, but we’ll move on and I’m confident there’s a church out there waiting for us to call home soon.

Last, since it has been awhile for a post, I thought I would take the time today to post a video of our son shaking his groove. This boy can dance!

Home is where the Heart is.

Today was a tough day. Jackson was really testing my patience throughout the day and needless to say on top of that myself and my family have had a lot on our mind. It always seems that during these times things break either around our house or one of our vehicles. Today it was our DirecTV. In the coarse of two days one of our receivers broke and right after that one of our cables went bad. But its okay, it’s really not that important though or either is television. But Jackson wasn’t too happy the last couple of days that he wasn’t able to see his recorded Sesame Street. 🙂

So, other than a stressful day, tonight our scheduled “Fellowship” Bible study went to Peace Lutheran instead for a class they are doing there. Tomorrow the snow is coming in, but hopefully won’t interfere with LifeGroup tomorrow. We’ve got a crazy busy weekend ahead of us, and I can’t wait to share.

Gotta keep it short today. Have a great Thursday!

Dinner with the Howell’s

One goal I have (well, more so a requirement depending on who you ask in the family) is that I will be cooking most most meals now for our family during the week. As in all reality, it’s only fair to Lindsey that after a long day of work she can come him to a nice cooked meal. The only issue with this goal is that I’m not much of a cook and never have been. But no worries, the NewLife Community Church cookbook is here to say the day and turn me from Ramen Noodle king to Master Chef Howell extraordinaire!

Some time last week I made sweet and sour chicken and tonight I cooked my parents tater tot casserole. Both recipes were met with raving reviews and thumbs up. Though the true credit goes to not I, but the creator’s of the delicious masterpieces. I’m thinking about documenting possibly once a week or month my favorite cooked meal, whether it be from a church cookbook or one of my own creations. This should be fun!

I will keep this post short tonight, but I had a pretty nice day with Jackson. I think our family is finally back at 100% health. So same old. Anyway, I promise I’ll have longer posts down the road as life with the Howell’s has continued to be very eventful and full of surprises!

Everyone Loves a Paci.

This post is a little late tonight, but I’m recovering from quite a weekend. After my last post, I suddenly came down with some sort of stomach bug and was up all night sick. Luckily for us I was at about 85% recovery on Saturday night and we were still able to make STOMP at the Palace Theatre down town. It was a great show and we had a nice time. We also hit up Max and Erma’s in the Arena District afterwards which was good.

Other than that, not too eventful of a weekend as I just took it easy. I knew it was only a matter of time before I caught the bug in some form that all of my family has had. But I’m glad I’m almost back to normal. It’s not fun being sick on a weekend.

As for today, things definitely  weren’t a normal schedule, but they were eventful. I had an opportunity to catch lunch with my pastor today at Wendy’s which was nice. We went to the Wendy’s I used to work at back in high school/college. Though I’ve been there since then on a weekend, I haven’t visited on a weekday lunch in years. I got to see some of my old co-workers and they were pretty excited to meet Jackson which was neat. As for lunch though, oh goodness. I was so embarrassed as Jackson was out of control. This kid did everything from throw his food, run around, pout, and even a random nose bleed! For the record, his nose has been dry since he’s got home and this has happened. We got a humidifier which has stopped his nose from bleeding. Well, last night was the first night we decided not to use it, and today shows that wasn’t a good idea.

But, whatever, I love the kid and he was cute. Luckily my pastor can relate – he has a family of four with his youngest daughter who was just adopted from China in the last year. So it was a good laugh to watch me struggle with my two year old.

As for this evening, as Lindsey was headed home my friend Ryan called and wanted to know if we could babysit Thor and Solomon for a couple of hours while they attended a class at their church. We agreed and Jackson had a fun time playing with his friend! They got along pretty good. What’s interesting is that Thor is about three months younger than Jackson, but he looks so much older! Obviously this is because of Jackson being an orphan and being such a small guy, but it’s funny to see these boys together. But Jackson is gaining weight and doing well. 🙂

Jackson and Thor











A funny story for the day. Jackson did something really interesting today. Awhile back Jackson’s three year old cousin Reagan gave up her pacifiers to give to Jackson. That’s a funny story in itself, but anyway, the craziest thing happened today as I was getting him dressed. Jackson found one of the pacifiers in his room, immediately put it in his mouth, sucked away, and laid in his crib! He acted like he had been using them his whole life! We’ve never given him a paci before, and I’m fairly certain he’s never had one at the orphanage as they were very strict about the orphans not having any sort of security item. So strange! He kept putting it in his mouth throughout the evening and gets so mad when I take it away. I don’t know if I want him to have them or not, as I know later it’s such a hard habit to break. Thoughts? Anyway, so bizarre!

It’s late, so I’m out! Goodnight and thanks for reading.

Cleaning, not my strong suite.

I will say by starting, the house is picked up at the time of this writing. However, cleaning around the house truly is not my strong suite. It doesn’t help the fact that our dishwasher is broke. Don’t worry, this is a common circumstance at our apartment. Our washer works for a little bit, then slowly gets clogged up after a month or less of use. I can’t tell what’s keeping it from draining though this time.

Anyway, part of the duties of being a Stay at Home Dad is being a homemaker and I don’t think I quite have it down yet. I’ve never enjoyed cleaning, and quite frankly I’m a little bit lazy when it comes time to do it. Just ask Lindsey, I’m sure she won’t argue the fact. There’s always a mess to be cleaned up or dishes to be done, or something to vacuum. I can definitely do all of these things – it’s just finding the motivation to be on top of all of it. I’m trying to keep my motivation based on that if I was the one working, I would want a clean house when I came home. So that’s helping a bit. I’ll get better at this.

Another slight thing I’m still adjusting to is the need for me to be the one to handle matters that come up during the day that Lindsey would typically take care of. For instance, if I can’t get the dishwasher to work, I need to call the maintenance guy. I’ve yet to do that. Easy tasks, but that’s always been her thing. She deals with it. Instead of getting tasks done I try to get enough man time as I can during Jackson’s nap time.

Granted, I shouldn’t be so hard on my self. I’ve only been doing this for two weeks now, and I think I’ve done a lot of good too. Jackson is napping much better and no longer cries when it’s bed time, and he hasn’t gone “ca ca” in his diaper in over a week! Haha. See there are plusses. I’m probably a lot better at this than I think. Also, I need to work on things that benefit myself as well. I really want to read more than a chapter of the Bible a day. I need more direction in that area and probably a good devotional study, but it’s hard to keep myself motivated.

So, I’m learning this stay at home deal. It hasn’t been all bad. I’m a lot less stressed than I used to be, and the rewards of spending time with my favorite guy is worth everything. For instance, we had fun playing in the snow today. And yes, that’s Jackson wearing two different gloves. That’s what happens when you leave me in charge! 🙂

Papa.. these don't match.

Taking a break from here for the weekend again. Lindsey and I are treating ourselves to our first date  since we’ve been back from Ukraine. We’re going to see Stomp Saturday night and go out for a nice dinner. Can’t wait!

AHA! I Think I’ve Got It!

Well, after yesterday of myself whining about what a lazy day I had, Jennifer from our LifeGroup at church saved the day today! Jennifer watches her own daughter Iris throughout the day as well as Wesley, who is the son of another couple from our group (Jared & Bethany). Once a week or so she visits a children’s museum in Lancaster called AHA! Well today, she gave me a call and wanted to know if the two of us would come tag along. We did and had a great time!

Just yesterday my friend Cara recommended we visit this place. I will say, out of all of the suggestions that have been brought up to me since I started blogging my Adventures of a Stay at Home PaPa, AHA! has been the place that has been mentioned to me time and time again. I had never heard of this place prior to adopting Jackson, but I guess that can be expected since there was no reason for me to know about it. You hear about places like COSI and what not, but AHA! is a museum just for young kids. It’s a perfect environment where you don’t have to worry about your kid getting hurt, (Though Jackson did cry after trying to stick his head in a cut out of a Triangle.. Ha.) and you can kind of let your kids just roam around on their own. Jackson had a blast today dressing up as a Firefighter and playing in a really big toy fire truck that made siren noises and put out “flames”. There was also all kinds of other activities like a pretend grocery store, a singing stage, piano, dress-up closet, sand pit, a honey-comb like maze, and a huge water table with things to splash around. Wes & Iris were pros at this place and quickly played with activity after activity. Jackson quickly caught on though, and was soon into just about anything he could get his hands on. I’ll definitely have to try this place out again. Thanks Jennifer for letting us tag along!

Today really wore Jackson out. After we left he started to fall asleep in my car. Since we were in Lancaster we made a quick visit to his grandparents for lunch, hung out a bit, then headed home. Jackson fell right asleep for his nap and slept a long time. Actually I just woke him up finally, because we need to get dinner ready to make it out in time for LifeGroup.

So today was a 180 degree turn from yesterday. I’m glad we were able to get out of the house and do something new and fun. Maybe we’ll go out in the snow tomorrow for a TGIF treat!

Fire Fighter Jack!